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In the U.S. tipping is customary and expected for everything from lackluster to outstanding service. It is an etiquette that is ingrained in all trades, from wait staff at restaurants to our baristas, valets, cab drivers, porters, and many more trades.

The questions `when?` and `how much?` that surround tipping can leave some travelers confused, as the practice varies. This guide attempts to cover most situations that you, as a tourist, will encounter. Hopefully using these `tips` will provide a smooth experience when interacting with locals in restaurants, bars, hotels, tour operators, and taxis.

Tipping in Mauritius is discretionary. However, extra money for exceptional service is always appreciated. Read on to learn tipping etiquette in Mauritius.

Currency: Can I pay in U.S. dollars, or should I use the Rupee?

The Rupee(MUR) is the official currency of Mauritius. The Rupee is subdivided into 100 cents, but cent coins are not in circulation.

Some people have tipped in dollars or euros, however, in Mauritius, these currncies are totally useless to the average Mauritian worker and they have to ask tourists to change these dollars into MUR.

Restaurants, Cafes, and Bars: When should I tip? How much is customary?

You are not required to tip in restaurants, as a gratuity is usually already included. For waiters/waitresses you should leave small change, especially if you are satisfied with the service you received. For good service, you should tip between 10% and 15%, which is usually standard for top-end restaurants.

Hotel Staff: Who should I tip?

At hotels in Mauritius, government taxes (about 12%) are added to all hotel bills and are included in the basic price. We recommend tipping staff in cash at the end of your stay if they have been particularly attentive, such as waiters/waitresses and housekeeping. The amount mostly depends on the type of hotel where you are staying. For bellhops who help carry your luggage, you should tip them a few rupees (100MUR) per bag and for housekeeping about 100 rupees every few days is a sufficient tip. If you are still unsure of how much to tip, the best option is to find out the hotel policy, as some encourage using the common tip box.

Taxi Drivers: Should I tip?

In Mauritius, taxi fares are usually negotiated in advance. If the driver has been particularly informative or helpful, a tip of 100 - 200 rupees will show your appreciation.

Final Thoughts:

Tips, regardless of the amount, are always appreciated among service staff in Mauritius, as wages are generally low. Remember, the best option is to tip in the local currency, which is Mauritian rupees (dollars and euros are useless to staff).