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What is the USA known for?

Hot dogs, Hollywood, Historical Personalities, Baseball, Mount Rushmore, The Grand Canyon, American Football, and the Golden Gate Bridge are just a few of the iconic landmarks, foods, and sports that the United States of American is known for. The USA is the most dominant economic and military powerhouse in the entire world, the most famous country in the world. The US is known for its sports, good culture, music, movies, technological innovations, and historical personalities. From the glitz and glam of Hollywood filled with movie stars and celebrities to the stunning coastlines of the Gulf of Mexico and the wild shores of Maine, the US offers 50 states to visit boasting a variety of landscapes and stunning attractions.

Visit the spectacular sights of Mount Rushmore, the Grand Canyon, and the iconic sights of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Statue of Liberty. Explore the breathtaking National Parks dotted around the country like Yosemite and Yellowstone National Parks filled with nature and exciting adventures. Vacationing on the spectacular and varied coastlines of the states is a dream at locations such as South Carolina`s popular Myrtle Beach and Hilton Head with the famous Outer Banks stretching for 100 miles dotted with lighthouses and wild horses running along the sands. The stunning sparkling beaches of Miami`s South Beach are filled with glamorous people strolling along the famous stretch of sand. California is home to Santa Monica shore, the place to spot celebrities and the bustling beaches of Venice Beach. Not to forget the marvelous beaches and shorelines of hypnotizing Hawaii.

Taking a road trip in the US is a favorite pastime of many with so many stretches of highway to cruise along and many things to see along the way. The Pacific Coast Highway, Route 66, Florida Overseas Highway, Mid Coastal Maine, The Blue Ridge Parkway, and The Great River Road are just a few of the scenic trips through the grand old US of A.

Theme Parks galore from the most magical place on earth Disneyworld and Disneyland to Dollywood in the Tennessee Hills there are thrills and adventure to be found all over. Cedar Point is home to some of the tallest and fastest rides in the world, Universal in Orlando is home to Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Wineries in the US are a wonderful place to visit in the sprawling colorful countryside, sipping on world-class wines and sampling delectable food can be done in places like Napa Valley home to over 200 fantastic vineyards and Willamette Valley just outside of Portland known for its Pinot Noir grown in the region`s fertile soil.

Food is one of the major draws to many different cities in American with the classic diner experience feasting on a delicious hamburger and French fries to the mouthwatering Maine lobster rolls dripping in butter and packed with tasty chunks of lobster meat. Texas is known for its fantastic finger-licking-good BBQ and New York offers some of the best pizza and a variety of other delicious dishes and cuisines. Boston boasts sweet and delicious Italian bakeries and Chicago is known for its Greek, Vietnamese, Mexican and of course the deep dish pizza.

What are the best places to visit in the USA?

Los Angeles is a sprawling Southern California city and the center of the nation`s film and television industry. LA is home to the iconic Hollywood sign, studios such as Paramount Pictures, Universal, and Warner Brothers. On Hollywood Boulevard, TCL Chinese Theatre displays celebrities` hand and footprints, the Walk of Fame honors thousands of luminaries and vendors sell maps to the stars` homes. San Francisco is one of the most eclectic cities in the USA, home to liberals, hippies, hipsters, techies, immigrants, yuppies and one of the oldest gay scenes in the states. The eminent Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, delicious Chinese food, and fresh seafood and fun little neighborhoods are just some of the things to see, eat, and explore here. Las Vegas is home to the famed Vegas strip brimming with mega casinos, luxurious hotels, world class museums and bright neon lights. A trip to Vegas is a quintessential American experience, the little Nevada city is everything you`d expect it to be and so much more! San Diego is a beautiful city nestled along the Pacific Coast of California recognized for its beautiful white sand beaches, sprawling verdant parks, perfect weather and many attractions. San Diego is known as `America`s Finest City`.

When is the best time to visit the USA?

The United States of American features varied seasons throughout its vast states and regions, generally, the Spring and Fall seasons are the best times to visit, and May through September is summer when it is considered high season when many tourists visit the country. Summertime throughout the country is a great time for the great outdoors, hiking, biking, and camping, visiting heritage sites and beautiful national parks is a dream at this time of year. The Northern US is beautiful in the Fall during Harvest season with pleasant weather and the fascinating colorful changes of the leaves and trees are a sight to behold. The summer months are hot and humid across the country but are a popular time for visiting the many beaches in the US. However, hurricane season is June through November and can affect many states especially Florida, the Carolina`s, and the areas around the Gulf of Mexico. Visiting in the wintertime is not that popular but so many areas are simply beautiful during the Christmas season with New York being an ideal location for ice skating, holiday shopping, and seeing the stunning tree in Rockefeller Center. High Season generally runs from June to August when it is summertime for most of the country. This time of year features warm sunny days throughout the states with high, humid temperatures, especially in the South. This is a busy season with large crowds at the beaches and attractions with high priced accommodations.

Shoulder Season is April to May and September to October with fewer crowds. The spring months offer blooming flowers and a chance to explore the wide-open outdoor green spaces throughout the country. The autumn months are the time to see the fiery colors of the changing season in many parts of the north.

Low Seasons is November through March when winter starts in most of the states especially the north, however visiting states like Florida this time of year is very popular with warm, sunshine-filled days and lots of tourists and northerners migrate to the sunshine state at this time. Ski resort areas are popular this time of year with many outdoor winter activities to enjoy.

How many days should I spend in the USA?

We recommend 7-10 days based on what you want to see and do. We offer flexible vacation packages so you can select your number of nights in each city, desired hotel and activities. We suggest a minimum of 3 nights in larger cities.

What is the best way to get around the USA?

By Bus:Greyhound is the major long-distance bus service offered in the united states offering routes throughout the country and even to Canada. Bus travel can be cheap, comfortable, and reliable with scenic views. The bus routes generally travel along major highways through different states stopping at major cities and also travel to country towns and rural areas. There are other major bus companies offered in the states including Trailways network with over 70 bus companies operating on an interlining basis with Greyhound and Peter Pan is the New England based company, Megabus and BoltBus area few other options.

By Car: Taking a road trip in the US is a favorite pastime of many with so many stretches of highway to cruise along and many things to see along the way. The Pacific Coast Highway, Route 66, Florida Overseas Highway, Mid Coastal Maine, The Blue Ridge Parkway, and The Great River Road are just a few of the scenic trips through the grand old US of A.

By Train: Amtrak trains offer extensive routes through the USA. Train travel can be the quickest, cheapest, and most convenient way to connect to certain destinations. The train rides can be enjoyable, scenic, and relaxing especially on western routes with double-decker Superliner trains traveling on spacious train cars and breathtaking views. Amtrak offers several long-distance trains that travel the entire nation from east to west and north to south with daily routes offered.

By Plane: Traveling around the vast land of the United States can many times only be accomplished by plane. It takes only a few short hours to reach the northern states from Florida, and several hours to travel cross country from New York to LA. Domestic air travel in the states is extensive and reliable connecting hundreds of airports and thousands of flights per day. The main hub airports include all international gateways and other big cities, with most cities and towns offering a local airport option.

What is the currency of the USA?

The unit of currency in the United States of America is the US Dollar ($). Please be sure to have the correct currency on hand or be prepared to exchange your dollars for pounds upon arrival. Currency exchanged desks can be found at the airport and in many locations throughout the cities.