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Ecuador: Although there can be substantial variations in temperature from region to region, the climate in Ecuador is generally stable, but because of it's unique geography, and altitude fluctuations there is a surprising variety of climates and conditions. Ecuador is divided into four regions, and the spectacular Galapagos Islands.
It's always a great time to visit the Galapagos Islands with its moderate sub tropical climate that helps make it such a fantastic destination throughout the year. The climate here is almost completely determined by sea currents, and features warm days, cool nights and low humidity. You can expect plenty sunshine, with an occasional light rain throughout the year.
The Andean Highlands are accessible all year-round in Ecuador, but June - September and late November - January tend to be the driest months. While February -May and October - November are considered the rainy season you'll still find plenty of warm sunny weather in the morning typically followed by daily showers in the afternoon. Average temperatures are between 60-70° during the day, although it can get much colder when hiking or climbing at higher altitudes.
The Amazon Basin is a tropical forest, and characteristically is wet, hot and humid. The driest season is January - March, but it still rains quite frequently. The wettest month is March. During the balance of the year it can be more difficult to predict. Temperatures year-round range in the 80s and any time of year is great to visit the Ecuadorian Amazon regardless of rain. In fact many say that the wetter season is the best time to visit because the increased fruit production, results in more activity from monkeys and other fruit eating species.
On the coast, the dry season runs from about June - December with temperatures in the 70s and 80s. The garua, a damp mist, regularly casts itself over the coastline, and the sun can disappear for long periods of time. Then in January - June, temperatures go up and despite the occasional heavy rain, most days will be bright and sunny.