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April - June

A pleasant time to visit as the high temperatures of the last few months decline. The Pantanal enters its dry season towards the end of April. June is a delightful time to visit the Green Coast between Rio and Sao Paulo; evenings are cooler, but the air is fresh and the sea still warm. Bahia's rainy season is likely to begin in June, but it is usually easy enough to plan your day around the one or two showers that occur in the afternoon.

Events and Festivals

Easter and Passion Plays, Nova Jerusalem -March or April

The Brazilian Grand Prix of Formula 1, Sao Paolo -March or April

The Brazilian Beer Festival, Blumenau -March or April

-June Parties (Festa Junina) -June

-Parintins Folklore Festival , Parintins -June

-Mixed Race Day (Dia do Mestico) -June

-Amazonas Festival de Opera, Manaus -June

-Bumba-Meu-Boi, Parintims -June