When to go: Manuel Antonio, the most visited National Park in Costa Rica, consists of lush rainforest and translucent shorelines. Costa Rica is a tropical country with distinct dry and wet seasons. Manuel Antonio is only about 9 degrees off the equator, making the weather in this region generally hot and sunny most of the time.
From December through April, the Manuel Antonio area is hot and dry, particularly February through April. The dry season coincides with many visitors' holiday, winter and spring breaks, prompting the tourism industry to operate at full tilt (High Season). During these months, airfare and hotel prices are higher, attractions are more crowded and reservations need to be made in advance.
From May through November, particularly the month of October, Manuel Antonio is in its wet season and the area becomes lush and verdant with trees and plants in full bloom. It is important to understand that even during the rainy season, the sun often breaks first thing in the morning and the temperatures are a bit cooler. National parks and attractions are considerably less crowded during these months and hotels offer tremendous savings.