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Blloku or The Block

Blloku or The Block is the main business and entertainment area in the city of Tirana, the most famous neighborhood, due to its history. This was the elite neighborhood where the communist leaders used to live under strict protection, now a youthful and lively town known for its dazzling nightlife scene. This neighborhood is packed with many beautiful spots such as Radio, Nouvelle Vague, and Colonial Cocktails academy, some of the most popular pubs and happening cafes. The Block is home to the best cafes, restaurants, boutiques, and trendy bars along with the villa of the former leader of Albania, Enver Hoxha, and is brimming with people and activity at night, especially on the weekends. Today the epicenter of Tirana’s beautiful people offering visitors some of the best and most expensive hotels and the glitzy Sky Club, a rotating bar high up with stunning views.

Tregu Cam - City Center

The Tregu Cam neighborhood is nested in the center of Tirana, a prime spot to stay with plenty of famous landmarks, museums, and other attractions within walking distance. Tregu Cam sits on the other side of Skanderbeg Square where most of the city’s major attractions sit. Tregu Cam is a great place to stay if you want to learn about the history and culture of Albania, Tirana is the capital city and there are several excellent museums in this neighborhood. Myslym Shyri is the main shopping street in the city and this street runs through the heart of Tregu Cam.

Komuna e Parisit

The neighborhood of Komuna e Parisit or the Paris Commune is located west of Blloku and southwest of the city center. A friendly residential neighborhood that sits adjacent to Grand Park and the Artificial Lake of Tirana, offering wide-open spaces and recreational activities. This is a peaceful area to stay when visiting the city, not far from the city center, a great place for families to stay with cycling, walking paths, parks, an outdoor amphitheater, and some great accommodations.


The outskirts of Tirana can offer visitors an option for staying in a quieter neighborhood. The city’s mix of old authentic and modern newer neighborhoods can be found surrounding the city center. Shukurit is nestled on the north side of the Lana River boasting tree-lined boulevards, a cheaper neighborhood for accommodations outside of the city center, offering authentic Tirana experiences. The Liqeni Artificial lake in Tirana is one of the best places to stay, situated on the southeast side of the city surrounded by nature and the scenic lake with many accommodations found in this natural enchanting area. The neighborhood located just west of the Tirana University is another popular location to stay with home rentals available and other accommodation options, in a great neighborhood by the Saint Prokopi Park.

Zona 1

Zona 1 is a large centrally located neighborhood in Tirana, nestled between Skanderbeg Square and the Lana River, a great location to stay when visiting the capital city. This neighborhood is great for tourists who don’t have much time to spend in the city, it is within walking to most of the sights, attractions, restaurants, and shops as well as the bustling square. The Pazari i Ri is Tirana’s new market, this beautiful bazaar is found in Zona 1, this is a great place to try delicious Albanian cuisine, including fruits and vegetables, cheese, olives, spices, raki grappa, and so much more. This is also the home of the country’s largest fish market where many fantastic seafood and fish restaurants can be found nearby. This area is also perfect for stopping in and checking out the cafe scene and sipping on Turkish coffee while relaxing and taking in the laid back atmosphere.