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City Center

Vaduz, the capital city of Liechtenstein, is a charming little hamlet and tourist town that sits on the Rhine River near the Swiss border. The most prominent landmark here is Vaduz Castle, the home of the reigning prince of Liechtenstein and the royal family. The castle is visible from almost any location in Vaduz, being perched atop a steep hill in the middle of the city. This is an ideal location to enjoy the main attractions, fantastic restaurants and charming shops all within walking distance.


Städtle, the main city center, is a beautiful pedestrian street with many historic interests. This is where the Liechtenstein Parliament (triangular building) is located, the Government house and the Vaduz City Hall. You will also find a few museums on this street, such as the Postal Museum and Liechtenstein National Museum. Nearby, the National Museum houses archaeological and cultural artifacts in a medieval building. This street offers a variety of restaurants, bars, and shopping opportunities.


There are some fantastic towns on the outskirts of Vaduz, that offer a lot for visitors in terms of nature and things to do. Perched on the mountains surrounding Vaduz is the quaint and beautiful alpine town of Triesenberg. The town is surrounded by pine forests, medieval churches, traditional houses and ranches. Everywhere you go in Triesenberg, the Rhine River borders the town and the Swiss alps looms in the distance. There’s breathtaking views here and beautiful walks in the area.

If you are coming to Liechtenstein to enjoy winter sports, Malbun is the place to be. It’s about a 10-minute drive from the center of Triesenber and a public bus goes all the way there as well. It is a beautiful area and well known to be a family-friendly ski resort. In summer, Malbun is also a great starting point for many hikes. Because Liechtenstein is so small, no matter where you plan to stay, you’ll never be too far away from your next destination.