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Zurich is located in northern Switzerland and sits along the banks of the picturesque Limmat River. The city is made up of 12 main districts (kreis), but you`ll find that most of the attractions reside in Kreis 1, with the others scattered throughout Kreise 2,4, 5 and 8. Street addresses are also part of a larger organized system. Even numbered locations can be found on the east side of a street, while odd numbered destinations sit to the west. Most areas in the city are commonly known by their Kreis, and a Kreis number is generally the most helpful in giving directions.

Altstadt (Old Town) - Kreis 1

Zurich`s Altstadt (Old Town) district, located in Kreis 1, is the historic core, comprised of numerous accommodations, restaurants, and museums, all right on the lake. This area is also home to the iconic twin-spired Grossmunster Cathedral and the nearby Fraumunster Church. Altstadt is the heart of Zurich!

Also found in Kreis 1 is Niederdorfand Oberdorf neighborhoods located on the east bank. This part of the district is noted for the beautiful opera house and Kunsthaus (Museum of Art), and their lively bars and restaurants.

Aussersihl/Langstrasse - Kreis 4 and 5

Aussersihl offers a truly diverse set of attractions, located in Kreis 4, next to the Sihl River and is also close to the railway line leading from Zurich`s main train station. Here you will find Backer Park, which is located along the Hohlstrasse, said to be one of the city`s most beautiful green spaces.

The Langstrasse (long street) is a street connecting districts 4 and 5 through a tunnel underneath the ocean of railway tracks which divide the western part of the city. Zurich West is located in Kreis 5, one of the city`s most happening districts. This is where empty warehouses have been turned into lofts, galleries, bars, restaurants, and dance clubs. Zurich West offers a diverse culture with a thriving arts scene and plentiful theaters. This district is a perfect area for bar-hopping and gets very busy on the weekends for the nightlife.

Enge/Wollisholfen/Leimbach - Kreis 2

The Kreis 2 district can be found directly west of Lake Zurich and includes the quarters Wollishofen, Leimbach, and Enge. This district is a bit less popular, but also less overcrowded and a more relaxing side of town. Enge district houses the two gardens Belvoirpark and Rieterpark as well.

Seefeld - Kreis 8

Seefeld lies on the eastern shore of the lake offering plenty of things to see and do. With the lake being a major attraction, you will find a promenade here with boat rentals, two swimming spots, and Blatterwiese, where you can sunbathe on the grass. The Flohmarkt Burkliplatz is also located here, the largest and most popular flea market in Zurich. You`ll also find numerous trendy bars and restaurants.