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By Taxi

The island features many yellow and red taxis that can be found all over with typical fares costing around 500 baht for a trip from Chaweng to Nathon and from Chaweng to Lamai around 300 baht. Taxis very rarely utilize their meters and will sometimes negotiate a fare with you, so it is advisable to agree on a price beforehand. Taxis tend to be expensive on the island and normally operated by one company. A taxi is the most comfortable and air-conditioned choice of transport on the island.

By Songthaew

Songthaews are the traditional island public transport, carting passengers around in the back of a pickup truck with two benches on either side of the bed and an open-air canopy. Songthaews can be found all over the island during the daytime and in the evening and is a cheap way to get around. A trip to the beaches costs approximately 50 baht and around 100 baht to travel across to the other side of the island. They follow official routes, destinations are written in English on the front of the truck and you have to flag them down to get on board and press the button or bang on the roof to get off. At night songthaew drivers will act as a private taxi and take you directly to your required destination, the price for this does go up from daytime rates so be sure to negotiate a price with the driver.

By Foot

Walking around the beautiful island of Koh Sumai and the breathtaking beaches are one of the best ways to get a feel for the island life. Stroll the small towns filled with shops, take a romantic stroll along the beach. The islands tropical jungle terrain and mountainous areas provide some great hiking paths where travelers can explore Samui`s hidden waterfalls, viewpoints, and the secret Buddha garden. Other area`s to explore on foot are the walking street markets, Chaweng Walking Street Market is held daily from 4:30 pm until midnight and provides visitors with an abundance of shopping stalls and street food options. The Lamai Walking Street Market is held every Sunday and Bophut Market at Fisherman`s village is every Friday night. Central Festival Samui is the largest shopping mall located on the island which features four different sections packed with stores, restaurants, and bars with beautiful gardens and a children`s playground, this is a great place to walk around.

By Motorcycle

On the island, you can take a motorcycle taxi or rent a motorcycle or scooter to zip around the island roads to visit the beaches and small towns. Motorcycle taxi drivers wear bright colored vests and can be found on the streets and outside most attractions, negotiate a price before hopping on. A motorcycle or scooter can be rented for somewhere around 150 - 300 baht for the day and provides you the flexibility to tour the island at your own pace.

By Car

Renting a car while in Koh Sumai is a great way to explore the island and to reach places that might not be accessible by public transport. You can rent a car for a few days or for the entire journey, rental car companies can be found at the airport and in the bigger towns such as Chaweng. The main island ring road is just 31 miles long and driving around gives you access to some spectacular destinations.

By Bicycle

Riding a bike in Koh Sumai is a fun way to travel short distances to the beaches and can be rented for approximately 80 baht per day. It is best to stick to the small towns and quiet beach areas when cycling as the bigger roads can be dangerous without bike paths. Mountain biking in the hilly areas of the island is a great way to see the spectacular surroundings and get a good workout. Samui Bicycle offers bikes to rent and some hotels may have them too. Visit for more information.

By Boat

Koh Samui is an island and is only accessible from the mainland by boat; normally a ferry or a speedboat will take you from the mainland to the different piers situated on the island. Traditional longtail wooden boats are also found on the island for shorter trips. Areas such as the Angthong Marine Park and Koh Tao Island can only be accessed by boat and several tour companies provide day trips out to these islands.