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In Australia driving is on the left-hand side of the road and the steering wheel is on the right-hand side, which brings a significant change for travelers. Australia is a vast country, as large as the continental USA with plenty of wide-open spaces to explore and many destinations that can be reached by car. Having your own vehicle here is the ultimate way to see the country and explore the vast outback and natural scenery.

Having your own vehicle when traveling to Australia is a good idea when you plan to explore the major cities. The larger cities such as Sydney and Melbourne offer a vast variety of public transportation, the cities can be heavily congested with traffic, so it is best to rent a car for a period of time where you can travel and visit other destinations outside of the city. However, it is not difficult to drive between cities with the use of Highway 1, which skirts the entire country and connects all the major cities.

Driving in Australia does take a little getting used to, one of the most notable differences being everything is reversed, with driving on the left-hand side. This does make left-hand turns easy, but the right lane in Australia is the fast lane and at roundabouts, you have to give way to the right (not the left).