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What are the Cayman Islands known for?

The Cayman Islands is a striking destination known for some of the best diving in the world. The breathtaking sands, and sights of Seven Mile Beach is the crown jewel, Stingray City, vibrant coral reefs, a culinary capital in the Caribbean, and spectacular bioluminescent underwater phenomenon make up some of the islands draws.

The colorful capital of George Town is an attractive cruise port, bursting with excellent shopping opportunities and divine dining options along with galleries and colorful buildings and historical attractions. Just a few steps back from the water is the spectacular stretch of Seven Mile Beach covered in pristine white sands, a world-famous and award-winning beach lapped by sparkling blue azure waters. Over 200 grace the shores of Grand Cayman with Caymanian cafes serving up delicious cuisine including freshly caught fish and seafood along with Japanese, Australian, French and Italian fare. Sample a delicious mudslide cocktail, which was invented back in the 70s. Experience the sparkling sights of the `bioluminescence` phenomenon in a secret lagoon on Grand Cayman, this is one of the few places in the world this underwater fairy dust created by a single cell organism reacting with the waters can be seen. Swim and feed the majestic stingrays at Stingray City, and dive at over 365 world-renowned dive sites in the stunning warm, calm waters with 30+meters of visibility.

What are the best places to visit in the Cayman Islands?

Grand Cayman a charming island, and a sought after Caribbean getaway filled with both adventure and relaxation. Soft coral sands stretch along the palm-garnished shores lapped by translucent tropical waters where swimming, snorkeling, and diving are on the menu. Stay in gorgeous all-inclusive resorts, check out shipwrecks offshore, view the marine life on a glass-bottom boat tour, and taste the delicious local cuisine.

When is the best time to visit the Cayman Islands?

The average daily temperatures in the Cayman Islands sit between the high 80s and 90s, a warm year-round Caribbean destination. The best times to visit are between March and June with lower hotel prices, January and February are the coolest months when the temperatures are in the 60s and the rainy season is May through October. The islands` strategic location in the western portion of the Caribbean means it is shielded from being hit too hard by hurricanes.

How many days should I spend in the Cayman Islands?

We recommend 7-10 days based on what you want to see and do. We offer flexible vacation packages so you can select your number of nights in each city, desired hotel, and activities. We suggest a minimum of 3 nights in larger cities.

What is the best way to get around the Cayman Islands?

Renting a car when in the Cayman Islands is the best option to explore the island. Driving around gives you the opportunity to stop off at the many beaches and other attractions, there is one main road that loops around the whole island.

What is the currency of the Cayman Islands?

The official currency is the Cayman Islands dollar (CI$ or KYD). U.S Dollars are widely accepted. There are ATMs found at airports, and banks throughout the main cities and towns.

Do people speak English in the Cayman Islands?

The official language spoken in the Cayman Islands is British English, and Jamaican patois. Many people speak English especially in the service industry at hotels and restaurants. Most of the island's inhabitants have a good comprehension of the English language. We recommend you get a good guidebook and learn common phrases such as hello, goodbye, please, thank you, and numbers 1-10.