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March - May - (Spring)

The weather during the springtime months is lovely. Filled with sunshine and a quieter time of year to visit the country, with lower prices. Spring is a wonderful time when the weather is not too hot and a great time to visit the pristine beaches and the spectacular coastal areas, an ideal time to visit the stunning, as well as the Albanian Riviera. The Ionian Coast and Saranda are nestled on the coast and is simply spectacular this time of year, an ideal beach getaway destination.

April is the best time to visit the Butrint Archeological Park, the main historical park in the country filled with historical importance and incomparable beauty. Located behind Ksamil Beach and surrounded by stunning nature and the Vivari channel, nature is in bloom this time of year and the crowds have yet to arrive. ,

Make the most of the outdoors during the spring months by cycling, walking, hiking, and visiting the Mediterranean beaches to relax and enjoy the warm weather. The Albanian Riviera offers some fantastic musical events and concerts this time of year.

Events and Festivals

-Dita e Veres - March 14th - An important pagan festival celebrated throughout the country. Elbasan is the best town to participate with dancing, parades, and lots of delicious baked goods.