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June - August (Summer)

June brings the beginning of the hot and humid season in Oman. Overall, temperatures during the day average between 97 to 104F. The summer months also bring an increase in the amount of daylight hours to 11. It is not recommended that you visit the country during the summer months, however, if you do, you’ll find hotel prices across the country are very cheap. The weather at night is not as hot, which creates nice opportunities to go shopping in Oman and enjoy its traditional nightlife.

The summer months is the Khareef (monsoon) period in Salalah which makes the south cooler, but even more humid. Salalah and the surrounding coastline also gets very busy with domestic tourists seeking to escape the heat over summer. The sun is very intense at this time, thus all available precautions to sunburns are needed.

Events and Festivals

-Apricot Harvest (May) - The apricot harvest usually commences in May, followed over the next month or so by other summer fruits like peaches, figs and pears.