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Drive, ride or hike around Germany's most famous race track:

Nürburgring is a strip of asphalt where you can drive a 13 mile lap in your car at racing speed for a mere 15 Euros. It is a race track; a public toll road and a testing center for new cars.

Germany's Nurburgring opened on June 18th, 1927, as The Nürburg-Ring, a 14 mile twisty devil of a race track. It had 172 corners then, too many for a driver to remember the exact racing line through all of them. Meaning, of course, that the best racing driver could pull off amazing feats of showmanship - if he was brave enough.

What you can do at The Nürburgring on your European Vacation:

Drive laps around Nurburgring in your car by purchasing a ring°card .
Get driven around Nurburgring at speed by a pro in the BMW-Ring-Taxi (or 'taxi through the green hell' if you need that sickness bag). You can fit up to three people in the BMW. This is a popular ride. People reserve up to a year in advance.

There are even hiking trails around the Nurburgring and a museum. The Nurburgring is expanding its resources all the time.

How to get there:

The Nürburgring is located 55 miles southwest of Cologne or 37 miles northwest of Koblenz. The nearest airports are koeln-bonn (50 miles) and Dusseldorf (75 miles). Be sure to follow the directions to Nürburg rather than Nürnberg.

Driving The Nürburgring:

Driving the portion of the track you're allowed to drive (it's not the F1 circuit) probably isn't for everyone. But if you like speed, you might want to do something few ever think of doing on their vacations.

A one day intensive driving course is offered at the Nürburgring Driving Safety Center will cost a mere 130-170 Euros depending on the day and the season. Highly recommended!