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December - March

In the winter months of December to March visitors will find better value flights and accommodations (outside of Christmas and New Year). The temperatures are mild, generally in the 60`s F, and between the wind and average hours of sunshine (around 5 to 6 daily) it can make the climate chilly. This is typically the wettest time of the year. The winters can be somewhat inconsistent, one year the weather remains relatively sunny, the next you could be unlucky with cloudy and rainy weather. It can be a bit of a gamble to go in the winter months.

It won`t be warm enough to swim unfortunately, but there are still plenty of things you can do on the islands in Winter. We will admit, there are more things to do in summer, but it all comes down to your personal preference. Don`t expect to go ice-skating or mountain skiing in Malta, but if you visit in the winter months, there are many activities such as museums, off-road adventures, bike riding and hiking, horse riding, just to name a few. For those less adventurous, unwinding in one of the spas around the island is therapeutic for the body and mind.

Christmas and Carnival are the two main winter festivals celebrated here. Christmas is a very special period in Gozo, a great time to enjoy local customs, traditional crafts and typical local cuisine. A whole area in Ghajnsielem is transformed to re-create the nativity scene, immersed in the core of a Gozitan village. This custom also takes places in other areas around Gozo where old farmhouses are transformed into living nativity scenes.

The Gozo cultural calendar is filled with other activities, including musical concerts, art exhibitions and other educational events revolving around the archaeological and historical heritage of the island. Winter on the Island of Gozo offers a tranquil break with cultural events and festivals.