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June - October

There are two monsoon seasons in India, the southwest (begins in June) and the northeast (from November to December) both affecting the respective areas. The Southwest monsoon is the main monsoon and comes in off the sea and makes its way up the west coast eventually covering most of the country with rain during mid July and letting up by October. The northeast monsoon affects the east coast during the months of November to December with Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala receiving the most amount of rain.

Monsoon season consists of afternoon thunderstorms and rain that occur over a number of days and then start to accumulate into longer torrential downpours. The rain is not constant, rather it will rain for periods everyday during this season, but the days can still be sunny and very hot, and the rainfall offers a refreshing way to cool off. The rains bring respite from the high heat and also bring out the lush verdant green scenery.

Events and Festivals

-Mahatma Gandhi`s Birthday - (October 2nd) - A national holiday.

-Diwali - (October or November) - The ancient Hindu Festival of Lights which is India`s largest festival.