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State Laws:

In the United States, there are two types of laws; federal which applies to the whole country and state laws that vary based upon the state you are visiting. Traffic laws tend to be set at a state level so things may vary based upon where you are traveling such as speed limits, age limits, and driving laws. Countrywide laws such as driving on the right-hand side of the road apply in all states in the US (US Virgin Islands is an exception to this rule), you need a valid driver`s license to drive in every state, there are speed limits on all roads in the US, however, these can vary depending on the state.

Road Types in the US:

The United States is such a large country with many different road types, here are a few of the categories of roads found throughout the US.

Freeways: high traffic roads with higher speed of travel since they have very few if any traffic lights. There are on and off-ramps that connect the freeways to arterial roads.

Tollways: (Turnpikes) are very similar to a freeway, but require users to pay a certain amount for use.

Local roads: these types of roads usually run through small communities and neighborhoods, smaller roads with lower speed limits.

Collector roads: These roads provide access to businesses or access from different local roads, speed limits can vary and sometimes travel through small towns with dramatic drops in speed.

Interstate Roads:

The interstate roads in the United States run through the different states and are comparable to motorways in the UK and the autobahns in Germany. Normally the interstate highways will have two lanes or more with on and off-ramps and exits. There are no traffic lights or stop signs on the interstate and the speed limit is usually higher between 60-80 mph for faster long-distance travel. Interstate 40 runs through eight states and I75 runs from Florida to Ohio.

State Roads:

A state road in the united states is a specific road in a state, they can vary from dual carriageway type roads to single lane highways passing through towns, cities, and villages. Speed limits vary from 20-75 mph.

County Roads:

A country road is maintained by the local county, they are smaller, slower roads, and normally have a `C` or `CR` destination followed by a number.