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Above and beyond the typical documentation needed for travel (such as your state issued identification card, driver’s license, passport, or required Visas), COVID-19 has made additional documents necessary for safety measures during travel. Almost every destination in the world is operating on different guidelines, but we have gathered a list of potential documents you may need to provide for both domestic and international travel. Again, we strongly recommend using the Sherpa website to ensure you are prepared with all necessary documents, and always cross reference that information with local government sites or tourism boards.

1. What documents do I need to travel?

a) Proof of Health Insurance: Some states and countries require travelers to carry health insurance and provide proof in the event they get sick or test positive for COVID-19 during travel.
b) COVID-19 Vaccination Record: For fully vaccinated travelers, having proof of vaccination is recommended. We recommend that you carry your CDC-issued white vaccination record. Some destinations also accept the Yellow Card from the World Health Organization (WHO), as long as it is updated with your vaccination record.
c) Some airlines and destinations accept the VeriFly or IATA Travel Pass apps (mobile digital health declarations; please verify acceptance of either with the airline).
d) Negative COVID-19 or Antibody test: Use the Sherpa website above or check with your specific airline for testing requirements and timelines. You can learn more about testing here.
e) Health Declaration Form: A Health Declaration Form is a questionnaire that some airlines and destinations are requesting or requiring before travel and upon entry. The form may be used by state and local government health agencies (in accordance with all legal protocols) to monitor traveler health and for contact tracing, should it be necessary.

2. Where can I find a Health Declaration Form?

a) You can find Health Declaration Forms via the Sherpa website. Sherpa maintains information on which destinations require this form.

3. What risks do I face if I do not have the proper documentation for travel?

a) If you, either prior to or during travel, do not have all the required forms for the destination(s) you are visiting, your trip may be negatively affected.
--The negative impact could include but is not limited to: Denied entry (to destinations), denial of services, cancellation penalties, financial losses (related to the denial of refund requests), and costly change fees or penalties.
--The WHO and CDC consider COVID-19 a foreseeable event, therefore service providers are defaulting to their pre-COVID cancellation and refund policies.
--Keep in mind, Tripmasters does not charge cancellation or change fees, but we must adhere to all our vendors’ cancellation or change fee schedules.

4. What if I am denied entry to a destination because I do not have the proper documentation?

a) If you do not have the proper documentation and are denied entry to your travel destination as a result, you have limited recourse. The WHO and CDC consider COVID-19 a foreseeable event, therefore failure to adhere to requirements or restrictions in place by local authorities is considered avoidable. Tripmasters will help facilitate scheduling your necessary return.
--First, your original return flight will need to be changed, which may incur additional fees and fare differences.
--Additionally, your hotel, transportation, and any activities confirmed for that destination will be canceled, and, depending on the cancellation or refund policies in place, you may forfeit those funds.
--Tripmasters can request future travel credits for lost or unused services, but we cannot guarantee our vendors will issue credits.