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Traffic Signals

Turning left on a red light is illegal in Australia unless a sigh specifically permits the turn. It is also illegal to make a U-turn at a traffic signal unless signage permits it. Parking and speed limit signs are clearly posted in English and pedestrians have the right of way.


There are toll roads found in most of the major cities in Australia such as Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney. The major motorways around the cities along with tunnels and bridges are normally toll roads where you need to pay a toll to use them. Some of the tolls can be paid with cash or a pre-paid pass, toll roads are clearly signposted, be sure to ask your rental car agency about a prepaid transponder for your vehicle.


On Australia`s multi-lane roads, highways and freeways, overtaking (passing) are only permitted on the right-hand side, unless driving on a multi-lane road where overtaking can be safely done in a marked lane to the left of the vehicle. Some of the rural highways occasionally feature a third lane in the center, which is safe for overtaking, this will be indicated by a yellow diamond sign and black arrows marking which direction has priority for overtaking in this lane. Do not overtake when there are continuous double lines marked in the center of the road, you can only overtake if there is a single broken line marked in the center.


Traffic on roundabouts in Australia goes clockwise when approaching a roundabout in Australia, drivers should give way to vehicles already on the roundabout that will be approaching from the right. Make sure you indicate as you prepare to turn onto the roundabout and when you are exiting.

Melbourne Trams

The city of Melbourne features a unique tram system (streetcars) in the CBD. There are some rules to follow when driving in the CBD on the tram lanes. Look out for yellow lane markers which indicate the tram lanes in the city, a broken yellow marker means that cars are permitted to drive in the tram lane, a solid yellow marker means that cars are not permitted to drive in the tram lane.

Watch out for tram passengers who have the right of way when crossing the road to and from the trams, always stop behind the tram when the doors on the tram are open.