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If you are planning a self-drive visit to Australia, be aware of the distances when driving. Australia is a massive country and driving from one city to another can be a very long way to get from point A to point B. For example to get from Sydney to Melbourne along a four-lane freeway will take drivers at least 10 hours, even with breaks. Some general advice for traveling long distances in a car is to rest every few hours `Stop, Revive, Survive` is the trick on the long stretches of road. Always be aware of your gas/petrol levels when making these long road trips as there may not be a petrol station or roadhouse for over miles. Watch out for `road trains` (semi’s towing up to three trailers) which travel along these roads and take up quite a bit of room, especially if attempting to (safely) pass this type of vehicle. The temperatures in the interior of the country can be quite drastic with scorching hot temperatures well into the triple digits (113F) during the day and extremely cold (even freezing) temperatures at night. Be prepared with plenty of amounts of food, water, and warm blankets.