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Dalmatia: Point of Interest Map
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Major Cities and Islands
`The Pearl of the Adriatic`, Dubrovnik offers a fairy-tale like Old Town (UNESCO World Heritage Site)and steps away from the old city walls are the stunning beaches. Full of historic buildings, museums, shops, cafes and restaurants, Dubrovnik is a full experience.
Often seen as a hub for discovery of nearby islands, its a blend tradition and modern life; the old city walls girdle a mix of Roman heritage and historic sites with buzzing shops, restaurants, and bars. The dramatic backdrop of mountains bleeds into the sea, giving an atmospheric setting to this stunning city.
Trogir is a living museum, the best-preserved Romanesque-Gothic complex in the Central Europe. Its medieval core, surrounded by walls and comprising a magnificient castle and tower and a series of dwellings and palaces from the Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque periods, is part of the UNESCO World Heritage.
The gateway to the Kornati Islands, the city of Sibenik is perhaps best-known as being the oldest Croat settlement on the Adriatic coast. Points of interest include the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Fortress of St. Nicholas and the Cathedral of St. James.
Dating back from roman times, Zadar is fortified with thick walls, renowned for their impressive ports, such as the Harbor Port and the Mainland Port, which date back to the sixteenth century. Zadar's most impressive sight is the pre-Romanesque Church of St. Donatus. The town is also famous for having the most beautiful Romanesque churches in Croatia.
Queen of the Croatian Dalmatian islands, Hvar Island is characterized by gentle winters, warm summers and many hours of sunshine. The town of Hvar is the center of the island’s tourism. Highlights include its 13th-century walls, a hilltop fortress and a main square anchored by the Renaissance-era Hvar Cathedral.
Brac Island, southeast of Split, is known for its illustrious beaches, some of which are the most popular in Croatia, like the Zlatni Rat (Golden Cape). The largest town on Brac Island is Supetar, named for St. Peter. Take time to explore the impressive stone facades of the village of Pucisca, the products of generations of stonemason expertise.
Korcula Island`s main hub is the town of Korcula. Dubbed `Little Dubrovnik`, this ancient city is among the most beautiful towns on the Croatian coast and is known for its unique architecture. One of the main attractions is the house of Marco Polo, located in the old city center.
Ciovo Island is a vacation destination just off the coast of Trogir. The western side of Ciovo is dominated by the twin beachside settlements of Okrug Donji and Okrug Gornji On the northern coast, there are three small beachfront communities geared toward tourists, the best-known being Arbanija.
Regions of Dalmatia
The Dubrovnik Riviera occupies fewer than 20 miles of coastline, but it welcomes over a million tourists each year not just to Dubrovnik, Croatia`s southernmost major city and `The Pearl of the Adriatic`, but also to the towns up and down the coast, ranging from quaint Dalmatian villages, like Cavtat, to purpose-built seaside resort towns, like Srebreno and Mlini.
For 37 miles along the Dalmatian coast from the Cetina River Valley down to the Neretva Delta, the intimate towns and villages of the Makarska Riviera are some of the most-visited in all of Croatia. The towns are hemmed in between the Adriatic Sea and the Biokovo Mountains and offer some truly picture-postcard moments.
The area of the Dalmatian Coast between Split and the Makarska Riviera is often overlooked by travelers, but there are many gems located along the coast, ranging from the stark cliffs of Omiš, where the River Cetina meets the turquoise sea, to Podstrana, perhaps the most popular tourist resort along this stretch of coastline.
The northern coastline in between Trogir and Split is dominated by seven settlements referred to collectively as Kaštela. West to east, they are Kaštel Štafilic, Kaštel Novi, Kaštel Stari, Kaštel Lukšic, Kaštel Kambelovac, Kaštel Gomilica, and Kaštel Sucurac. Formerly the playground of Croatian and Venetian royals, this luxurious, picturesque area is now one of Croatia`s prime vacation spots.

Set on the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea, Dalmatia is a coastal region of Croatia characterized by its coves, secluded beaches, warm sea, constant winds and beautiful wooded islands. Much of its fascination is concentrated in southern Dalmatia, which includes its largest cities, Split and Dubrovnik. With the imprint of Greek, Roman, and Venetian cultures on its towns and cities, like the fortresses of Dubrovnik and Diocletian`s mammoth palace, southern Dalmatia is the source of one breathtaking experience after another. Sibenik and Zadar are the capital cities of the areas that comprise central and northern Dalmatia. These regions are home to some of Croatia`s most accessible and enchanting cities and sites. There`s something for everyone in this gateway to Croatia`s coastal playground, from ruins of ancient civilizations, rock climbing the Velebit range, classical music at the Church of St. Donat in Zadar, or enjoying the view from the top of Trogir`s Kamerlengo fortress.

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