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Lublin Voivodeship: Point of Interest Map
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Lublin Voivodeship

Major Cities
Lublin is a city that boasts a rich history stretching back over 800 years. It is very evident in the wonderfully-preserved Old Town, which features such sights as Lublin Castle, one of the oldest castles in Poland open to the public, and the Crown Tribunal building, where the final say in judicial matters were heard when Lublin was part of the Crown Kingdom of Poland. The Old Town is one of the most important places for visitors to see, not just because many historic buildings are located here, but also because it is home to many theatres, restaurants, bars, clubs, and art galleries. Lublin is known as the `City of Festivals` due to the dozens of various music and cultural festivals that are hosted there each year.
Zamosc is best-known for its Old Town which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is one of the best-preserved examples of a Renaissance town in Europe, and one of the few outside modern-day Italy to survive to the present day. The Zamosc Fortress encases the Old Town, which features three points of entry in and out. In the middle of the Old Town there is Great Market Square, which was designed by the town`s original architect, Bernardo Morando. Also located on the square are colorful old tenement houses called the `Armenian houses`, due to the fact that many of the merchants in the city many centuries ago were Armenian and lived in them. Once one of the largest Hasidic Jewish communities in Poland, Jewish life in today`s Zamosc revolves around the UNESCO-recognized Zamosc Old Synagogue, which surprisingly was spared from destruction in World War II.
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Lublin Voivodeship is located in southeastern Poland, close to the border with both Belarus and Ukraine. The capital of this region is Lublin, a city that is over 800 years old. It is known for Lublin Castle, one of the oldest castles in Poland open to the public, and the Crown Tribunal building, where the final say in judicial matters were heard when Lublin was part of the Crown Kingdom of Poland. The town of Zamosc is located 55 miles to the southeast of Lublin. It is one of the best-preserved examples of a Renaissance town in Europe, and one of the few outside modern-day Italy to survive to the present day. Lublin Voivodeship once had a very large Jewish community, which was nearly completely wiped out with the Holocaust. The Old Town of Lublin, once a national hub of Jewish life, is a national historic district, and the Old Town of Zamosc, where the Zamosc Old Synagogue is located, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In recent decades, more and more American Jews have visited Lublin Voivodeship each year attempting to connect with their ancestral roots.

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