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Cabo de Penas Vacation Packages

The protected landscape of Cabo de Penas occupies the extreme north of Asturias. Under legal guardianship since 1995, it has a coastline of 19 kilometers and 1,926 hectares of land between the Avilés estuary and Punta de Vacas. The landscape of Cabo de Penas is formed by an abrasion platform elevated above sea level that descends abruptly towards the east, sometimes in the form of cliffs that can reach heights of 100 meters. On its east side there are beaches, the product of accumulations of sedimentary deposits from the Nalon River. The territory of Cabo de Penas includes several nearby islets, including Erbosa, one of the largest islands off the Asturian coast.

Please note we do not offer hotels or other activities in this city at this time.

Tours to Cabo de Penas are available from Costa de Asturias.

Cabo de Penas