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europe - cool capitals
* Why Cool Capitals? *

There is so much to discover in Europe, that you will need a lifetime to digest the centuries of history and culture that left their undeniable charming mark on the old continent. You won't be able to do this, but you can still get a very concentrated taste of European diversity by visiting its most popular cities. London? Paris? Berlin? Vienna? We have all these and more.
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These packages are perennial favorites. They save us valuable research time and give us a sense of what travelers like us enjoyed in the past.

One thing is for certain: whatever your idea of a good party is, you will find it in Europe, if you know where to look.

Spend some time in your favorite European City and then a couple of days relaxing in one of Europe's most popular beach destinations.

If you haven't done it already, you have to travel by train in Europe!

You will always have London and Paris and we won't take that away from you. But why not throw in another city and multiply your experience.
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What better combination for your vacation than the pure excitement, fashion, style and elegance of Italy, France and Spain!. This breathless vacation package begins in Rome (the Eternal City, with its stunning architecture like the Colosseum and the Roman Forum and delicious food) then, continue to Paris (the City of Lights, full of museums, plazas, narrow streets filled with shops, cafes and much more) and finish, in Barcelona (with the eccentric and bewildering architecture of Gaudi, the dramatic Gothic Quarter and cosmopolitan Rambla shopping). These destinations are connected by intercity flights. This is a flexible vacation package. Select your number of nights in each city, desired hotel and activities.
9 nights from $2,153*
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Suggested Vacation Packages

Amsterdam and Barcelona by Air
6 nights from $2,186
Athens - Berlin - Amsterdam by Air
9 nights from $2,272
Berlin - Prague - Vienna by Train
9 nights from $1,479
London and Berlin by Air
6 nights from $1,499
London and Dublin by Air
6 nights from $1,399
London and Helsinki by Air
6 nights from $2,477
London - Edinburgh - Dublin by Air
9 nights from $2,119
London - Paris - Barcelona by Air
9 nights from $1,989
Madrid - Barcelona - Rome by Air
9 nights from $2,920
Oslo - Copenhagen - Stockholm by Air
6 nights from $1,669
Paris and Barcelona by Air
6 nights from $1,539
Reykjavik and Oslo by Air
6 nights from $1,114
Vienna - Prague - Budapest by Train
9 nights from $1,875
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Flights,Hotels, and Transfers were all as planned. The Hotels were beautiful and well appointed and in great parts of the cities. Very walkable for both touring and reaching the subways.
Traveled on: 5/13/2023
6 nts from $1,709*
I had a great time on your trip. Sadly, I had to miss a couple tours because of transportation issues. You just can't rely on public transportation to be on time when you hope they will be on time. The itinerary was a great introduction to Italy. I will have to return and stay longer.
Traveled on: 5/10/2023
7 nts from $1,509*
Everything was wonderful. It was my first experience with TripMasters, and it was at the recommendation of a good friend. We had am excellent trip. Expectations were exceeded. The hotels were boutique and special - all clean and very well-located in the cities we visited. Communication about the trip and our logistics was timely and appropriate. I was never confused or felt I didn't know what I had signed up to experience. We will definitely be using TripMasters again!
Traveled on: 5/2/2023
6 nts from $1,369*
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