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Glamorgan: Point of Interest Map
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Glamorgan Vacation Packages

Glamorgan is one of the historic counties of Wales, and covers a large portion of its southern coast. It was a region of vital importance to the Norman rulers and later the Princes of Wales, as evidenced by the large number of castles that dot the landscape. There are more castles here in Glamorgan than in perhaps any other region of Wales. Historically a big coal and steel-producing region, it was one of the most industrialized areas of Great Britain, especially in the 19th century when it was only behind Greater Manchester and the West Midlands in terms of industrial output. Today it is home to the two largest cities in Wales: Cardiff, the political, economic, social and cultural capital of Wales; and Swansea, a city located at the eastern end of the Gower Peninsula which is well-known for its seafaring traditions, great surfing and beaches, and beautiful landscapes.

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Cities and Towns of Glamorgan

Highlights of Wales

  • Caernarfon

    Caernarfon, on Wales`s northwestern coast across from the Isle of Anglesey, is considered a gateway town to Snowdonia National Park, one of Wales`s leading tourist sites. Caernarfon`s sights include Caernarfon Castle, one of the largest castles in the UK, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  • Llandudno

    Llandudno, on the Irish Sea coast in north Wales, has been a popular seaside vacation destination since the 1860s. Llandudno is famed for its Victorian promenade, The Parade, which takes visitors to the popular North Shore. Llandudno Pier, which is nearly a half-mile long, is the longest seaside pier in Wales.


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Map of Glamorgan



Cities in Wales

  • Cardiff  
  • Swansea  
  • Caernarfon  
  • more cities

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