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Israeli Cuisine: Point of Interest Map
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Israeli Cuisine Vacation Packages

Israeli cuisine is versatile with influences from all over the world, the perfect combination of Middle Eastern cuisine along with various ethnic kitchens from across the world. Visitors and foodies will be in heaven in this country with options like tasty falafel, hummus, strudel, and bureka and delicious baklava stalls dotted around the cities. The country has such a vibrant food scene and street food here is among some of the best. There is a growing trend of high cuisine options in Israel from simple chicken schnitzel found in cafes dotted along Tel Aviv’s sparkling seafront promenade, to some of the best Hummus in Israel. The country is quickly becoming a global culinary hotspot, with bustling marketplaces filled with tantalizing aromas, to the street food stalls serving up incredible snacks on the go, there is something for everyone to experience when it comes to cuisine in Israel.

You can learn more about Israel's noteworthy food cities by clicking here.

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World Cuisine

  • Egyptian Cuisine

    The enticing ancient country of Egypt is well known for its archeological sites including The Pyramids, sphinx, and ancient temples. Egyptian cuisine is also something worth trying when visiting the fascinating destinations, visitors will be enlightened with the delicious foods readily available across the country. Food is a large part of the Egyptian Culture with so many different varieties of cuisine to sample in each region which offers its unique flavors and ingredients.

More to Explore

  • Luxury Destinations of the Middle East

    The Middle East offers some of the most opulent, luxurious hotels in the entire world with VIP service, upgrades, and magnificent amenities. The region is brimming with modern metropolis, ancient Islamic architecture, the Bedouin way of life in the sprawling desert, and some of the world’s most breathtaking beach locations.

  • City and Beach Holidays in the Middle East

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  • UNESCO World Heritage Sites of the Middle East

    The Middle East Region is a huge area brimming with history, wealth, and cultural heritage along with a list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The region encompasses Northwest Asia, Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and Iraq, to mention a few. This region boasts so many diverse cultures and outstanding sites that spread throughout ten different countries.

Experiences and Adventure

  • Religious Sites of Israel

    Visit the holy land and walk in the footsteps of Jesus. Thousands of visitors flock to Israel every year to discover the land of the Bible, it is the ultimate destination for those seeking to connect with their faith. There are countless sacred sites, and places with deep religious and historical significance in Israel, many of them possessing an extraordinary mystery, power, and beauty bestowed upon them for centuries past.

  • Resort Towns in Israel

    Israel boasts a sparkling Mediterranean coastline renowned for its beauty combining ancient ports, ancient historical sites, exquisite sandy beaches, delicious seafood, and charming seaside towns stretching for 167 miles. The luxury resort towns of Israel are the perfect escape for a sunny seaside vacation, the coastline is filled with diversity from towering cliffs to sandy dunes, visitors can find vibrant nightlife in Tel Aviv ‘the city that never stops’ along with several exciting attractions.

  • National Parks of Israel

    The tiny country of Israel boasts 81 National Parks that range from archeological sites, stunning natural beauty, and diverse landscapes covering about 20% of the country. The country maintains 81 national parks and over 400 nature reserves where 2,500 species of indigenous wild plants, 32 species of fish, 530 bird species, and 100 species of mammals. Caesarea, Ein Gedi, Tel Dan, and Yarkon National Park are among some of the most popular National Parks in the country.


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Israeli Cuisine

Israeli Cuisine


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