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Jodrell Bank Observatory Vacation Packages

The Jodrell Bank Observatory has been a prominent feature of the Cheshire skyline for over 60 years. Step inside the observatory`s Discovery Centre, where you`ll discover interactive exhibits that explore the wonders of the universe and the science of astronomy. Join a guided tour and explore the observatories cutting-edge research facilities, where you'll witness the latest advances in radio astronomy and space science. Meet the scientists and engineers who operate the telescopes and satellites, and discover the important role that Jodrell Bank plays in our understanding of the cosmos. For an unforgettable experience, visit the observatory at night and witness the breathtaking sight of the night sky through powerful telescopes. Gaze in wonder at the stars and planets, and marvel at the vastness and beauty of the universe. Come and discover the wonders of the universe and experience the thrill of space exploration at at this incredible center for astronomy.

You can visit Jodrell Bank Observatory from Manchester.

Jodrell Bank Observatory