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National Parks Of Israel: Point of Interest Map
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National Parks Of Israel Vacation Packages

The tiny country of Israel boasts 81 National Parks that range from archeological sites, stunning natural beauty, and diverse landscapes covering about 20% of the country. The country maintains 81 national parks and over 400 nature reserves where 2,500 species of indigenous wild plants, 32 species of fish, 530 bird species, and 100 species of mammals. Caesarea, Ein Gedi, Tel Dan, and Yarkon National Park are among some of the most popular National Parks, there are so many parks and reserves to choose from where cascading waterfalls, desert canyons, dense marshland, archeological sites, and a variety of ecosystems can be found. Visitors have access to plentiful nature, wildlife, and heritage sites spread from north to south throughout the country.

Please note we do not offer hotels or other activities in these cities at this time, but you can explore them by choosing any of them as additions on any of the packages listed below.

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Highlights of Israel

  • Hidden Gems of Israel

    There are many extraordinary destinations to visit in Israel including the obvious Dead Sea, Jerusalem, and the Sea of Galilee. However, if you venture beyond the major cities of Tel Aviv, Haifa, and Jerusalem to discover the country’s fascinating selection of hidden gems, then you are in for a real treat. Lakes, caves, unknown cities, desert, hot springs, and ancient fortresses can be uncovered across the country leading visitors to some of the most unusual and spectacular natural sites and attractions.

  • Resort Towns in Israel

    There are several charming resort towns dotted along the coast of Israel, these cities and towns offer a great combination of beachside activities, ancient ports, archeological sites, and delicious seafood making them a great destination for a relaxing holiday. Stay at luxurious beachside resorts with all the fabulous amenities including swimming pools, spas, great food, entertainment, and nightlife scenes along with some spectacular views.

More to Explore

  • City and Beach Holidays in the Middle East

    The Middle East is filled with dramatic natural scenery and sunbaked beaches with alluring blue water and an attractive beach culture found in some fantastic cities. Featuring 140 miles of Mediterranean shoreline the region has so much to offer when it comes to a beach vacation. Bustling cities like Beirut are where dynamic nightlife scenes can be found, along with excellent dining options, shopping, and entertainment for an exciting city vacation.

  • Hidden Gems of Jordan

    The fascinating country of Jordan is a stunning destination to fall in love with, boasting some spectacular scenery, amazing historical sights, mouth-watering cuisine, and bustling cities. There are so many sights and activities to choose from that each day in this country there are some incredible things to choose from including the rose-red city of Petra filled with ancient monuments and awe-inspiring sights.

  • Luxury Destinations of the Middle East

    The magnificent Middle East is packed with luxurious destinations to visit offering some of the most opulent hotels in the entire world. Choose from a plethora of exciting destinations such as the ancient cities of Petra, and Jerash, the glitz and glam of the modern city of Dubai, the famous healing waters of the Dead Sea, or Jordan for its fascinating carved rocks. Soak up the sunshine, dramatic desert scenery, burning orange sunsets, and fabulous dining through the region.

Experiences & Adventures

  • Religious Sites of Israel

    Visit the holy land and walk in the footsteps of Jesus. Thousands of visitors travel to Israel every year to discover the land of the Bible, it is the ultimate destination for those seeking to connect with their faith. There are countless sacred sites, and places with deep religious and historical significance in Israel, many of them possessing an extraordinary mystery, power, and beauty bestowed upon them for centuries past.

  • UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Israel

    Israel is filled with nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites it has the highest concentration in the world of UNESCO Sites in such a small area. The country boasts historical and cultural significance with some great experiences to explore nature, religion, vibrant culture, and history encompassing over 3,000 years. Visit some of the most unique places in the world including ancient hilltop fortifications, archeological excavations, and holy places.

  • UNESCO World Heritage Sites of the Middle East

    There are nearly 100 UNESCO World Heritage Sites found in the Middle East. The Arab States Region consists of 18 countries with rich cultural and natural heritage. The Middle East is the birthplace of the oldest civilizations in the history of humans with numerous religious sites, amazing historic architecture, extraordinary natural beautify, and aesthetic treasures.


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National Parks Of Israel


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