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Portuguese Cuisine: Point of Interest Map
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Portuguese cuisine is a pescatarian's delight. The Portuguese eat more fish than any other country in Europe, befitting one of the world leaders in the fishing industry. The most popular seafood dish in Portugal is bacalhau, Portuguese salted codfish, and it can be found on menus nationwide. Other meat dishes, particularly pork, are also common (a number of meats feature into the popular francesinha sandwich, and porco à alentejana pairs pork with clams). Portuguese cuisine is heavy on cooking with garlic and olive oil, and the country is a major producer of both staples. For dessert, the selection of Portuguese sweets and cakes is massive, ranging from pão doce to pasteis de nata. To learn more about Portuguese dishes from breakfast to dinner, click here.

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Portuguese Foodie Cities and Regions

See Portuguese Foodie Cities and Regions

Regions of Portugal

  • The Algarve

    The Algarve may be best known for its long, hot summers and glorious beaches but make no mistake, there is more to see and do here than lounge lazily on the sand and soak up the sun. The scents, the sounds, and the foods are the real takeaways here.

  • Alentejo Coast

    From pastoral settings to dazzling beachside towns, the Alentejo Coast stands as a favorite destination of Portuguese locals. Moments away from Lisbon, the area is easily accessible and unforgettable.

  • Estoril Coast

    The Estoril Coast, also called the Portuguese Riviera, was once a collection of sleepy fishing villages, but today everyone from tourists to locals to European royal family members, loves the rich and vibrant coastline.

  • Costa Azul

    The Costa Azul, a mere hour from Lisbon, leaves the hustle and bustle of the city behind in favor of sun-drenched beaches, world-class surfing and amazing local cuisine.

  • Silver Coast

    A vast and beautiful stretch of Portuguese shores hosts incredible surfing and UNESCO designations, the experiences, food, and fun in the Silver Coast simply can`t be bypassed.

  • Costa Verde

    Named for its fragrant pine forests and dazzling fields of emerald green, the Costa Verde stretches from the Spanish border south to Greater Porto. The region is known for its port wine; its UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and for its beach resort towns.

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Map of Portuguese Food Cities and Regions

Portuguese Cuisine


Cities in Portugal

  • Lisbon  
  • Porto  
  • Coimbra  
  • more cities

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