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Doha - Muscat - Salalah by Air

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This 7 night sample itinerary includes:

  • Hotel for 3 nights in Doha
  • Flight from Doha to Muscat
  • Hotel for 2 nights in Muscat
  • Flight from Muscat to Salalah
  • Hotel for 2 nights in Salalah
  • Ramadan is a month of spirituality and purification during which participants abstain from eating, drinking, and smoking. Ramadan is typically celebrated in late winter or early spring.
    Please verify dates before booking travel because food and entertainment services in hotels and other public places may be affected.

Two incredible countries: Qatar and Oman with a wealth of history come together in this unique vacation package!. Begin in Qatar, in the sophisticated Doha (the capital is the richest country on the planet, famous for its mosques and modern buildings), and finish in Oman, visiting Muscat (with old forts and excellent museums. It is famous for dazzling souks and superb seafood, but its terrain brings the biggest thrills) and Salalah (known for its unique Khareef (monsoon) festival, in which the whole city turns green and attracts visitors from all around the world). Connect each destination with flights. This is a flexible package. Select your number of nights in each city, desired hotel and activities.

Flexible Itinerary

  • Doha

  • Muscat

  • Salalah

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Trip Summary

  • Doha

    Doha, Qatar's capital city, combines old-world hospitality with cosmopolitan sophistication. Traditional wooden dhow boats lining the bay are evidence of the rich trading and pearl diving past. Visitors can stroll along the four-mile waterfront promenade around Doha Bay, the Corniche, enjoying views of old and new Doha. It is easy to see why Doha has earned a reputation as the Gulf's capital of culture.

    Visit and discover the Doha Corniche, The Pearl, Souq Waqif Market, Museum of Islamic Art, National Museum of Qatar, Katara Cultural Village, Aspire Park, Falcon Souq, The Pearl Monument, Al Koot Fort, Aspire Tower, Arab Museum of Modern Art, Katara Beach, Msheireb Museums, Dhow Harbor, and so much more.

  • Muscat

    The capital city of Oman, Muscat, Known as the 'The Pearl of Mystic Arabia', is located on the Gulf of Oman surrounded by beautiful mountains and desert. With history dating back to ancient civilization, it combines modernity with astounding architecture of the houses, forts, castles, mosques and museums. With a mix of intriguing history, upmarket shopping and stunning scenery, it’s a great place to explore.

    Explore the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, Al Alam Palace, Bait Al Zubir, Royal Opera House Muscat, Al Jalali Fort and so much more.

  • Salalah

    Salalah is a city known for its ancient history, archeological remains, frankincense trees and stunning beaches. It's also famous for its annual monsoon festival, the 'Khareef Festival', when you can see the best of the city with festivities all around that include performances, food, music and games. The drive to the city is known to experience zero gravity which is a mystery! It is a beautiful, raw destination to travel to if you are looking for adventure, exploring and time away from crowds.

    Visit and explore the Sunset at Cliff Taqa, Frankincense Museum and Al Baleed Archaeological Park, Al Mughasayl Beach, Wadi Darbat, Meet Friendly Camels, Relax on the Beaches, and so much more.

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