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Southwest And Aland Islands: Point of Interest Map
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Southwest And Aland Islands Vacation Packages

Aland Islands is a special piece of Finland situated in the Baltic Sea, at the southern end of the Gulf of Bothnia between mainland Finland and Sweden. There is a abundance of things to do in this Autonomous archipelago community that consist of around 6,500 islands, but only more than 60 are inhabited. Travelers to the Aland islands can enjoy adventurous island-hopping to boating, fishing, golfing and so much more.

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Major Cities

  • Turku

    Turku is one of the most important historical centers of Finland and also one of its busiest seaports. The Archipelago is a unique travel destination situated in the island area. There are several historical museums that display the city's medieval period, such as the Turku Castle and the Aboa Vetus museum.

  • Naantali

    Located in the proximity of both Turku and of the archipelago, Naantali is one of the most important tourist centres of the country. Naantali is well known for its fascinating history as a convent town, for its charming wooden houses and maritime atmosphere.

  • Salo

    Salo is known to have been inhabited as early as 7,000 years ago and has long been a center of rural commerce. It officially became a town in 1960 and is considered to be the original home town of Nokia phones. The statue of Lauri, the blacksmith standing in the center of the town represents the first citizen of Salo.

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