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Tarnowskie Gory Mine Vacation Packages

Just 30km north-west of Katowice, there are more than 20 post-mining sites around Tarnowskie Gory, and part of Bytom, connected to iron, lead, and silver mining, and also a water drainage network for you to visit. They are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The `Historic Silver Mines in Tarnowskie Gory` is 1740m in length, 270m of which you will see by boat. As you travel through the mines, you will see old tools and equipment used for mining here in the 18th and 19th centuries. The 2nd site to visit is the Black Trout Adit, with Poland's longest underground tourist trail, coming in 600m, the entirety of which you travel with a guide by boat, as they regale you with history and tales of the mine network and surrounding area. Other attractions include the city park, the spoil heap of the former Fryderyk mine, and the post-mining landscape of Srebrna Gora (translated as `Silver hill`), which is 347m at its highest point.

Tourists can visit Tarnowskie Gory Mine from Katowice.

Tarnowskie Gory Mine