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Turkish Cuisine: Point of Interest Map
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Turkish Cuisine Vacation Packages

Due to the size of the Ottoman Empire, Turkish cuisine was heavily influenced by its neighbors, and in turn, Turkey influenced them as well. The use of lamb, olives and olive oil, and salads in the typical diet are all culinary influences adopted by Western nations. Americans probably know some Turkish dishes and sweets, such as kebab (sometimes spelled kebap), pide (pita) bread with köfte meatballs, lokum (better known as Turkish Delight), and baklava. The best way to try a number of dishes at once is to order a meze plate, similar to Spanish tapas. To explore Turkish cuisine and delicacies by city, click here.

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Turkish Foodie Cities and Regions

See Turkish Foodie Cities and Regions


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Map of Turkish Food Cities and Regions

Turkish Cuisine


Cities in Turkey

  • Istanbul  
  • Cappadocia (Central Anatolia)  
  • Antalya  
  • more cities

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