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Welsh Areas Of Outstanding Natural Beauty: Point of Interest Map
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Welsh Areas Of Outstanding Natural Beauty Vacation Packages

In the United Kingdom, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty is a conservation area, just below the status of a national park, that was selected for conservation because of its significant landscape value. There are five Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty in Wales, located in every region of the country, and these areas are conserved in the hope that the natural beauty that they possess can be further enhanced. Below you will find photographs of all five areas accompanied by links to the nearest gateway city or area.

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Welsh Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty

See Welsh Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Regions of Wales

  • North Wales

    Mainly a rural area with many mountains, lakes and valleys, North Wales is a beautiful region to explore, and that`s why it has been a popular tourist destination for nearly two centuries. Snowdonia National Park takes up much of the western portion of North Wales, and features the highest mountains in Britain outside of Scotland.

  • Pembrokeshire Coast

    The Pembrokeshire Coast serves as an excellent base from which to explore the scenic southwest coast of Wales. Jutting out into the Irish Sea, the southwesterly tip of Wales is an area just begging to be explored. It's also a great place from which to discover the rest of western Wales, including lovely Carmarthenshire.

  • Glamorgan

    Glamorgan covers a large portion of Wales's southern coast. There are more castles in Glamorgan than in any other region of Wales. It is home to the two most important cities in Wales: Cardiff, its capital; and Swansea, Wales's second city, located at the eastern end of the beautiful Gower Peninsula.

More to Explore

  • English Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty

    England is home to 33 Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, from the North Pennines down to the coasts of Devon and Cornwall, and on this list are a number of popular tourist areas, such as The Cotswolds and the Chiltern Hills.

  • Scottish Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty

    Scotland has more Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty than any other constituent nation of the United Kingdom. 40 conservation areas are located here and they are called National Scenic Areas.

  • National Parks of the United Kingdom

    The fifteen beautiful national parks of the United Kingdom are very popular tourism draws, and it is estimated that over 100 million visitors from Britain and abroad flock to the parks each year.


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Map of Welsh Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Welsh Areas Of Outstanding Natural Beauty


Cities in Wales

  • Cardiff  
  • Swansea  
  • Caernarfon  
  • more cities

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