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By Taxi

Taxis in the city can be an inexpensive way to travel, they are metered and the MGE taxis, which are green and white in color, are the most reputable company in the city. To hail a taxi in Manila the fare is ₱40 with an additional ₱3.50 for 0.18 miles. Grab Taxi and Uber are also available in the city, they do charge an additional ₱70 but can be more reputable and reliable than regular taxis. Simply download the apps on your smartphone.

By Light Rail

The MRT (blue line) and LRT (yellow line) are light rail lines offered in Manila, both offer an efficient and affordable way to get around the city. Avoid using the trains during rush hour (7-9am and 5-9pm) as they become extremely crowded with hour-long waiting times to get on a train. The fares start around ₱15 - ₱25 and are based upon total distance traveled. The LRT runs from Monumento in the north to Baclaran in the south and the MRT travels south to north along the EDSA (Epifanio Delos Roxas Blvd, Makati Area) route. Tickets can be purchased at the stations and stored value tickets are also available.

By Jeepney

Jeepneys are vibrant customized jeeps found all over the streets of Manila, a fun and unique way to travel around the city. They can be crowded at times but will cost you around ₱8 for a short ride. The Lawton Bus Terminal is a major terminal for Jeepneys and the routes are displayed on the side of the vehicles and dashboards along with announcements with their destinations and departure origins.

By Bus

Buses are a cheap form of transportation in the city and most commonly used by the locals for commuting. However, they cover many major routes throughout the city and drivers usually speak good English making them an easy option for tourists to use. Most buses cross through the Lawton Bus Terminal located in front of the LRT-1 Central Station. Bus fares begin around ₱10 and the most useful bus for tourists is the BGC Bus linking Makati to The Fort, it departs every 10 minutes at the EDSA terminal.

By Foot

You can walk around Manila in the areas such as Intramuros and Chinatown and many attractions can be found grouped together within the walled city of Intramuros and around the city center.

By Kalesa

`Kalesa` are horse-drawn carriages still used in parts of the city offering a unique and authentic way to see the sights. Visitors can take a ride in Chinatown, Intramuros, and Malate for a fee of around ₱150 - ₱300 for an hour`s tour.

By Ferry

Ferries transport passengers across the Pasig River from Intramuros to Makati, Manila is also the hub for ferries that travel to other major cities in the Philippines as well as cruise ships that stop at Manila`s South Harbor. A ferry trip across the river is a great way to see many of the riverside attractions such as the Malacanang Palace that sits on the banks. The cost of a ferry ride is approximately ₱50.