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Town Layout

The modern village of Olympia is divided by its one main street, Leoforos Kondili. The ancient site of Olympia is an easily walkable 5-10 minutes south of the modern village, but if you have a car, you might as well drive: The road teems with tour buses and the walk is less than relaxing.


Visitors have a number of options for getting around while visiting Olympia Greece, and include by car, bus, train or taxi. However, most of these options for transportation are best found in Athens, or Pyrgos (a neighboring town to Olympia).

A personal vehicle is the most convenient form of transportation available for exploring Olympia, as it allows the greatest freedom and flexibility in travel. Although Olympia is a major stop on many tours around Greece, and there are numerous public transportation options for getting there, a car is the easiest way of getting around. Many visitors will fly into the Athens International Airport, which is located about 13 miles east of the city center, stop by one of the numerous Car Rental Agencies based around the airport, and drive five hours to Olympia. However, first time visitors to the country should check out Driving in Greece page before deciding to get behind the wheel of a car.

There are numerous daily trains that connect Athens to Pyrgos (a half hour away) and Patras, which are both found on the western side of Peloponnesus. Olympia can be reached by train or bus from Pyrgos. There is no public transportation system in the immediate area of Olympia, but there are many ways of getting there.