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By Mass Rail Transit

The mass rapid transit (MRT) in Singapore is an extensive rail network linking the main attractions in the city, stations are within walking distance to most major areas and it is one of the fastest ways to get around. Wheelchair and visually impaired accessible as well as strollers for families. This is an easy and frequent way to get around the city with trains operating from 5:30 am - midnight and trains running every 1 - 3 minutes during peak hours and every 3 - 5 minutes during nonpeak hours. There are five color-coded lines that run in the city and out towards the suburbs: North - South is red, North - East is purple, East - West is green, Circle line is yellow and Downtown is blue. Visit for more information. Pricing ranges from around S70C - S$2, you can purchase single-fare rides or buy an EZ-link card which is reloadable and cheaper for multiple uses.

By Bus

Buses in Singapore are a convenient way to get around they run approximately every 10 minutes from 5:30 am until midnight. You must have exact change with a sing journey costing around S$1 - S$2.10 on the bus as there is no change provided, better yet purchase an EZ-link card. The buses run an extensive network and provide scenic views of the city; buses are air conditioned, clean and efficient with services run by SBS Transit and SMRT. Download the smartphone app `SG Buses` for information on routes and more. There is a late night bus service available on Friday and Saturday nights from 11:30 pm to 2:30 am for a flat rate of S$4.50

By Taxi

Taxis are easily accessible all over Singapore, you will mostly find them in groups around hotels, shopping malls, eateries and tourist attractions as well as outside the MRT stations and bus stations and the airport. Most taxi drivers are able to speak English and a general fare will cost you around S$5 - S$15 depending on the distance traveled. There are surcharges applied in taxis for rides from the airport, during peak hours and for making payment by credit card. You can hail a taxi anytime but there is designated taxi stands around the city. Taxis can be difficult to come across during peak hours and when it is raining.

By Car

Renting a car in Singapore is really not necessary and just not convenient with all the public transportation options and the vast areas covered. You really don’t need a car to get around here. It is not a popular option and can cost upwards of S$100 a day for a small car and gas prices are high. A rental company named smove offers electric cars for rent in the Buona Vista area, there is a S$19 registration fee and prices vary depending on the length of rental, you can rent an electric vehicle for 15 minutes to a full day. Other major rental car companies can be found at the airport and in the city.

By Boat

Singapore is an island so getting around on boat can be a popular option, rides down the Singapore River from point to point can cost approximately S$3 or longer cruises costing about S$13. You can get a shuttle boat to Pulau Ubin from Changi Village for around S$2.50.

By Trishaw

Mostly found in the Chinatown and Little India areas, a ride upon a trishaw is a great experience, a three-wheeled bicycle taxi will take you on short rides for around S$10 - S$20 and an hour of sightseeing can cost around S$50.

By Bicycle

A bicycle can be a great way to travel around certain areas of Singapore, however, bike lanes and bike racks are not commonly found in the city and it can be dangerous to get around. The layout of the city is pretty flat and the city is relatively small but air quality can be a problem. The East Coast Park is a popular place for cyclists and a great way to see that side of the coast. Rental places are available all over the park with different pit stops to rent and drop off the bikes. Other popular areas to cycle around would be Marina Bay there are plenty of paths to ride down by the bay, Esplanade park is another wide open space and down by Clarke Quay.

By Foot

Singapore is definitely a walking city with so many spectacular areas to explore on foot. See the spectacular Marina Bay Sands hotel, walk around the bay and through the breathtaking Gardens by the Bay. Wander down Clark Quay or Boat Quay, take a stroll around Chinatown or Little India as well as the Esplanade and the island of Sentosa.