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Alberta: Point of Interest Map
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A perfect destination for outdoor lovers, Alberta is arguably Canada’s most beautiful province, known primarily for the mountain hub of Banff National Park. With soaring Rocky Mountains encapsulating vivid turquoise lakes, fast flowing rivers, immense glaciers and vast forests, the beauty of Alberta really has to be seen to be believed. The cities within the Province are dynamic, boasting skyscraper skylines, gastronomic delights and a buzzing nightlife. The southeastern side of the province is home to a mass of dinosaur bones, and the north is covered in lush forest swarming with wildlife where outdoor adventures await.

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Experience and Adventure

  • Charming French Cities of Canada

    The bilingual cities of Canada are the perfect mix between a charming western European and a modern North American city. Between great food, beautiful views, and hundreds of festivals year-round, these charming French cities will make you feel like you just landed on a completely different continent without crossing the Atlantic ocean. The French have lent these cities a sense of cool, laid-back chic. They are cultural hubs with more than just a few international flavors to discover!

  • Canadian Cultural Experiences

    With its European roots and its close proximity to the United States, Canada’s traditions are a unique blend of several cultures. From the First Nations to the French, English, Scottish, Danish, and Irish settlers during the early years of the Country’s forming, Canada has developed a rich tradition all of its own.

  • UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Canada

    Canada is a fascinating country full of natural wonders and unique history. Out of the 167 countries with UNESCO World Heritage List designations, Canada ranks 14th. These sites, ranging from the depths of wilderness to bustling cosmopolitan centers, highlight the history of Canada’s inhabitants going back as far as 6,000 years ago.


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Map of Alberta



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