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British Columbia: Point of Interest Map
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British Columbia

British Columbia features some of the most remarkable natural scenery overflowing with soaring mountains, glistening lakes, remote islands, verdant rainforests, and miles of flawless coastline. The snow-capped mountains of Whistler are renowned for world-class skiing and luxury ski resorts. Vancouver is known as one of the most beautiful cities in the world and most livable cities, boasting breathtaking beauty. Okanagan Valley is a hot spot year-round with beaches and an abundance of water sport activities as well as golf and numerous ski resorts. Seven of Canada`s National Parks lie in BC leading to spectacular scenic forested areas great for hiking, biking, and climbing through the verdant wilderness. The City of Gardens, Victoria is a charming colorful city with the oldest Chinatown in Canada, and Fan Tan Alley the narrowest street in the country.

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Experience and Adventure

  • Whale Watching on the West Coast

    Enjoy the magnificent wonders of whale watching in some of the most fantastic locations dotted along the beautiful West Coast of the United States.

  • Canadian Rockies

    The UNESCO World Heritage-listed Canadian Rockies mountain range is filled with inspiring scenery including jagged snow-capped peaks famed for skiing, and glistening alpine lakes.

  • Northern Lights of North America

    The astonishing sights of the northern lights should be on everyone`s bucket list with fascinating displays of vibrant colorful lights that can be seen from locations in North America.


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British Columbia

British Columbia


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