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Colonial Cities Of Colombia: Point of Interest Map
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Colonial Cities Of Colombia

When you visit Colombia, certain cities can be like traveling back in time. Often set in a beautiful backdrop of mountains and lush jungle, Colombia still retains traces of its colonial past. These beautiful colonial cities boast narrow cobblestone streets, historic neighborhoods, beautiful colonial architecture, all in a radiant and colorful palette.

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Colonial Cities of Colombia

See Colonial Cities of Colombia

Explore Colombia

  • Coffee Triangle

    Colombia is known around the world for its excellent coffee. The South American country is the second largest coffee-exporting nation after Brazil. An important industry sector revolves around this ancient bean and the area in Colombia known as ‘The Coffee Triangle’ is where most of the country’s coffee is produced. It’s also one of Colombia’s most popular tourist destinations. Visitor activities here are all centered around coffee, heritage, tradition, and their modern embrace in Colombia.

  • Beaches and Islands of Colombia

    Colombia is packed full of islands: it’s the only country in South America that has both Pacific and Caribbean coastlines, and lots of coast means lots of islands and beaches! Colombia is home to some of the most incredible, diverse, palm-fringed paradises in the island world! With 1,800 miles of coastline you are guaranteed to find pristine beaches, priceless marine habitat, and spectacular landscapes in this diverse paradise of the world.

  • Colombia Amazon

    Nestled in the southernmost corner of Colombia between Peru and Brazil, Leticia is a small village home to about 32,000 inhabitants and is a major access point to the famed Amazon River. If you`re looking for adventure, Leticia should be at the top of your list, as you can cruise down the world`s longest river (and home to the world`s most dangerous fish), swing through the trees of the Amazon forest, and visit three countries in one day without taking a plane.

More to Explore

  • Best of South America

    There are 12 incredible nations packed into the fourth largest continent in the world, which make up South America with vast colorful terrain and a variety of interesting cultures. There is so much ground to cover and an abundance of exciting attractions and activities to enjoy. This incredible region boasts the largest river basin in the world, the longest mountain range, the second largest river, the driest area on earth, and the greatest concentration of biodiversity on the planet.

  • The Amazing Amazon

    Declared in 2011 as one of the `New 7 Wonders of Nature`, The Amazon, also called the Amazon Rainforest or Amazon Jungle covers parts of Peru, Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia, and Venezuela. So large that it accounts for over half of the world`s remaining rainforest, the Amazon is the greatest collection of worldwide biodiversity.

Experiences and Adventure

  • Colombian Cuisine

    Pamper your palette with the unique blend of Colombian cuisine comprised of six main regions of culinary traditions within the country (Pacific, Amazonian, Andean, Orinoco, Caribbean, and Insular). Colombian food is uniquely blended from one of the widest varieties of ingredients, blending Indigenous and European traditions with strong Afro-Caribbean flavors and influences. The country is a surprisingly rich culinary destination with Arepas being one of the oldest cooked dishes in the country, an up-and-coming foodie destination with cities such as Bogota and Cartagena boasting excellent gourmet restaurants.

  • Honeymoon in Central America

    When travelers look into booking a honeymoon vacation, they are usually looking for three things: how romantic the locale is, how luxurious and peaceful the honeymoon will be, and what kinds of memories can you create together in your first days wed. The Western Caribbean coastline from Mexico down through Central America to northern South America offers some of the most desired honeymoon vacation destinations in the world.

  • Wine and Dine in South America

    For food and wine lovers, South America has some of the best culinary offerings; from high-end restaurants to mouthwatering street food, there’s incredible diversity to be discovered. South America is also home to some of the world's most breathtaking and varied landscapes, and it shouldn't be a surprise that the soil from those landscapes is as fertile as it is stunning. These countries produce bold and flavorful wines that gain more notoriety each year, and tasting them in the center of where they’re made is the perfect way to experience it.


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Colonial Cities of Colombia

Colonial Cities Of Colombia


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