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Historic Towns Of The Usa: Point of Interest Map
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Historic Towns Of The Usa

Europeans made colonies in `the New World`, part of which is now the United States, five centuries ago, and some buildings and communities from the early colonial period endure, in addition to all the history we as Americans have made since. Whether you want to see colonial sights, tour historic battlefields, or learn about the movements that have given power to the people, the historic towns and cities of the USA are living museums ready for you to learn and explore.

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Towns and Cities

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Historic Regions

  • The Northeast

    If you love natural beauty, quaint towns, whale-watching, and eating some great seafood, then the Northeast is for you. From idyllic mountain villages to stunning seaside retreats, there`s just something special about the Northeast.

  • The Mid-Atlantic

    The site of the first permanent English settlements and the places that played pivotal roles in the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, and the Civil War – these historic places are all in the Mid-Atlantic.

  • The South

    The historic towns of the U.S. South predate even the first permanent European settlers who landed in Florida in 1565. Events that happened in the South have shaped our country`s history, from French colonial Louisiana to the battles of the Civil War to the civil rights movement.

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    The United States is known for some of the most iconic road trips in the entire world; it`s where you can see all facets of the country, especially its history

  • National Parks of the USA

    There are over five dozen national parks in the United States, including many that combine geographic splendor with our country's rich history.


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Cities in USA

  • New York City, NY  
  • Los Angeles, CA  
  • Miami, FL  
  • more cities

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