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Iconic American Road Trips: Point of Interest Map
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Iconic American Road Trips

Out of all the ways you can see the United States of America, there`s really no other mode of transportation that is more exciting and freeing than the automobile. The United States is known for some of the most iconic road trips in the entire world; it`s where you can see all facets of the country, the tranquil and the exciting, the rural and the urban, its history and its future. Put the top down, blast some tunes, and enjoy the open road as only the USA can show you.

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Iconic Road Trips

  • Route 66

    Route 66, `The Mother Road`, is one of the most popular and picturesque road trip journeys in the world. The route runs for 2,448 miles from Chicago to Santa Monica.

  • Pacific Coast Highway

    The Pacific Coast Highway is arguably one of the most famous drives in the entire world, boasting picturesque views and wild, rugged coast.

  • Overseas Highway

    Soak up some stunning views over the glistening blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico along the Overseas Highway (US1) from Miami down to the stunning Florida Keys and fascinating Key West.

  • Oregon Coast Road

    The Oregon Coast Road (Highway 101) winds along the snaking shoreline of the Pacific Ocean from Washington State to the breathtaking California Redwoods.

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More to Explore

  • National Parks of the USA

    There are over five dozen beautiful national parks scattered across the United States, each with their own distinct natural beauty.

  • City and Beach Holidays in the USA

    Many people come to the United States to visit its many dynamic cities, but just as many come to visit its beautiful beaches. Why not combine the two?

  • Skiing in the USA

    The United States is one of the most exciting places in the world for a skier, and there are hundreds of ski resorts in various parts of the country for every skill level.

Experiences and Adventures

  • Dreamy Desert Escapes

    Escape to dramatic desert destinations where luxurious resorts and spas are nestled beside fiery rock formations and acres of sprawling landscapes to absorb.

  • Historic Towns of the Northeast

    If you love natural beauty, quaint towns and opportunities to spot whales and devour fresh seafood, then the Northeast is for you. It offers everything from idyllic mountain villages to stunning seaside retreats.

  • Fall Foliage in New England

    Traveling through New England in the autumn offers visitors a dramatic scene of a kaleidoscope of colors in the famed fall foliage during these fantastic months.


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Cities in USA

  • New York City, NY  
  • Los Angeles, CA  
  • Miami, FL  
  • more cities

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