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Lake Atitlan Vacations Packages

The spellbinding sights of Lake Atitlan is simply mesmerizing, located in the mountainous Department of Solola in the Guatemalan highlands with three dramatic volcanoes circling around. Lake Atitlan boasts a picturesque backdrop and is a wonderous color of blue, dozens of Indian villages lie on the shores.

Best Lake Atitlan Vacation Packages:

Antigua - Chichicastenango - Tikal

9 nights itinerary

Highlights of Guatemala to enjoy!. From the capital airport, you will be transported to Antigua (was the colonial Spanish capital of Central America, in the central highlands of Guatemala; known for its preserved Spanish Baroque-influenced architecture as well as a number of ruins of colonial churches, declared UNESCO World Heritage Site). Next, with the transfer, visit Chichicastenango (a town, on west-central Guatemala and home to one of the largest and vibrant outdoor markets in Central America; full of colorful Mayan textiles, traditional wooden handicrafts and intricate jade jewelry, -on Thursdays and Sundays-). Get back to Guatemala City, for one night stay; and then, catch a flight to Flores (with Lake Peten Area), where Guatemala`s prime attraction is located: The Tikal Pyramids (listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, is a complex and beating heart of the Mayan empire and ruled most of Mesoamerica politically, economically and militarily; deep in the exuberant rainforests of northern Guatemala). Lastly, catch a flight back to Guatemala City (the best largest city in Central America); to finish enjoying what the city has to offer. This is a flexible vacation package. Select your number of nights in each city, desired hotel and activities. After this, spend a night in Guatemala City, where you will enjoy the blend of modern sleek glass skyscrapers and colonial architecture. Then, you will go to Flores/Tikal, an area of exuberant tropical jungles teeming with wildlife, deep forests and dry plains dotted with lakes and Maya cities. The area of el Peten is best known for Tikal Pyramids, the greatest Maya religious center yet discovered. After visiting this historic location, you will head to Guatemala City, spend another night in this beaufitul city and then, from here, you will take a flight back home. This is a flexible package. Select your number of nights in each city, desired hotel and activities.

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Cities in Guatemala

  • Antigua  
  • Tikal Ruins (Flores)  
  • Chichicastenango  
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