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Nature And Adventure In Canada: Point of Interest Map
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Nature And Adventure In Canada

Canada is a massive and stunning country with endless nature and adventure to be had! The country is small in population but big on land, with never-ending pristine wilderness and breathtaking landscapes to discover. Canada is covered with beautiful forests dotted with pristine lakes, endless prairies, and the rugged Arctic where animals outnumber humans. Kayak with killer whales, uncover the past in Alberta’s Badlands, drive the icefields parkway between Banff and Jasper, rock or ice climb in the Rocky Mountains, watch the northern lights in Yellowknife, walk around the tallest building in North America in Toronto, search for icebergs and whales in Newfoundland - the list goes on and on! And behind all the beautiful nature, Canada is young, modern, and sophisticated, with cities that have absorbed the best of the world’s cultures and combined them into one of the most vibrant multicultural societies on Earth.

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More to Explore

  • Canadian Rockies

    The UNESCO World Heritage-listed Canadian Rockies mountain range is filled with inspiring scenery including jagged snow-capped peaks famed for skiing, glistening alpine lakes including Lake Louise, shimmering glaciers such as the famed Athabasca Glacier, cascading waterfalls like Takakkaw Falls, and endless outdoor activities and recreation sites. The Canadian Rockies include beautiful breathtaking destinations such as Banff, Lake Louise, Jasper, Waterton, Golden and national parks, each with its unique personality and opportunities.

  • Pacific Northwest

    The staggering sights of the Pacific Northwest stretch for hundreds of miles from British Columbia, Canada to Oregon. The region is best known for its incredible rugged coastline, verdant lush interiors, soaring mountains, and bountiful activities and attractions. The PNW offers some exciting cities such as Seattle, Vancouver, and Portland are among the favorites to visit.

Experiences and Adventures

  • Charming Coastal Towns of Canada

    Canada is one of the rare countries in the world situated on three oceans: Pacific, Atlantic and Arctic. With 151,019-miles of coastline, the country boasts the longest shoreline in the world, dotted with charming coastal towns and villages, lively resort towns, and island communities full of historical buildings, quaint shops, and welcoming locals. Whether you’re into whale watching, fishing, kayaking, or surfing, there is no shortage of coastal towns to enjoy a seaside adventure!

  • Charming French Cities of Canada

    The bilingual cities of Canada are the perfect mix between a charming western European and a modern North American city. Between great food, beautiful views, and hundreds of festivals year-round, these charming French cities will make you feel like you just landed on a completely different continent without crossing the Atlantic ocean. The French have lent these cities a sense of cool, laid-back chic. They are cultural hubs with more than just a few international flavors to discover!

  • Skiing in Canada

    Canada offers some of the best skiing in the world! Home to some of the most famous ski resorts on the planet, including Banff, Whistler and Lake Louise, skiing in Canada is world-class. Whether you’re looking for heart-pumping adrenaline trails, cruising the bunny slopes, or you prefer the relaxation of cross-country skiing, there are endless ski mountains in Canada offering fantastic options.

  • Lakes of Canada

    With more lakes than all the other countries in the world combined, Canada has no shortage of lakes to visit which spread across all ten provinces and three territories. It’s true that where there are mountains, there are lakes, and there's something particularly special about the serene Lakes of Canada. Glaciers create those unforgettable turquoise blue hues that make Canada's lakes world-famous and exquisitely picturesque.

  • Northern Lights of Canada

    The astonishing sights of the northern lights should be on everyone`s bucket list with fascinating displays of vibrant colorful lights that can be seen from locations in North America. The Aurora Oval, where the lights are concentrated and circle the north magnetic pole is elusive and all depend on location. Alaska, Canada, and some North American states happen to be ideally positioned to see the spectacular show.

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Map of Canada

Nature And Adventure In Canada


Cities in Canada

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  • Vancouver (British Columbia)  
  • Montreal (Quebec)  
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