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Puerto Rican Cuisine: Point of Interest Map
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Puerto Rican Cuisine

The cuisine in Puerto Rico is described as creole formed by the country’s deep historical roots, cooking traditions, and practices influenced by Spain, Africa, and the native Tainos. Referred to as the land of “plantains, pork, and sofrito”, Puerto Rican cuisine reflects a unique combination of influences from indigenous seasonings and ingredients, called “cocina criolla” by the locals. The authentic cuisine in Puerto Rico is made from the native ingredients grown in the region, including coriander, cacao, papaya, and plantains. Puerto Rico has a vibrant culture that comes alive in its cuisine, a celebration of fantastic flavors, and a tantalizing culinary scene that blends for an authentic dining experience.

You can learn more about Puerto Rico's noteworthy food cities by clicking here.

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  • Brazilian Cuisine

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  • Honeymoon in the Caribbean

    When travelers look into booking a honeymoon vacation, they are usually looking for three things: how romantic the locale is, how luxurious and peaceful the honeymoon will be, and what kinds of memories can you create together in your first days wed. The Caribbean, whether you`re on the mainland in Central and South America, or visiting one (or many) islands in the Caribbean Sea, offers some of the most desired honeymoon vacation destinations in the world.

  • Family Fun in the Caribbean

    People know that the Caribbean is a popular destination for solo travelers and for couples, but did you know that the Caribbean is known for its fun family vacation destinations as well? In addition to the historical and archaeological sites across the Caribbean that will fascinate kids, hotels and resorts increasingly offer amenities geared directly to them, allowing them to have fun experiences and make memories that will ensure it won`t be just a vacation for the parents.

  • Best Nightlife in the Caribbean

    Millions of travelers come to the Caribbean each year for the heady nightlife. When you are done sightseeing or sunbathing for the day, take some time for yourself to rest and renew, and then get ready for a night on the town! Whether you`re in the islands or on the mainland in Mexico, Central America, or South America, the Caribbean offers some of the best nightlife in the Americas, with bars and nightclubs buzzing all twelve months of the year.

  • Luxury Islands of the Caribbean

    The Caribbean is well-known for being the playground of the rich, and even if you aren`t a millionaire yourself, you can get a taste of the good life at a large number of hotels and resorts located on some of the most luxurious islands in the Caribbean. From the Cayman Islands east to St. Vincent, you too can be treated like a king or queen in personalized and pampered opulence.

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Puerto Rican Cuisine

Puerto Rican Cuisine


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