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Skiing In The Usa: Point of Interest Map
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Skiing In The Usa

The United States is considered one of the most popular ski destinations in the world, catering to vacationers of all budgets. There are hundreds of ski resorts scattered across mountain ranges all over the country, each with their own challenging slopes, situated near villages and towns filled with charm and warmth. Whether you want to ski in Colorado, the Southwest, or the East Coast, you will be able to find a vacation that meets your specific needs.

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Ski Destinations

  • Colorado

    Colorado is perhaps the most popular skiing destination in the United States, known for resort towns such as Aspen, Vail, Steamboat Springs, and more.

  • The Southwest

    Skiing in the Rockies doesn't mean just Colorado! Salt Lake City hosted the Winter Olympics, and Arizona and New Mexico have fabulous slopes too.

  • New England

    The New England region (in particular the states of Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine) is well-known for its beautiful ski slopes.

More to Explore

  • National Parks of the USA

    There are over five dozen national parks in the United States, including many that are located adjacent to regions known for their winter leisure activities.

  • Northern Lights of North America

    The astonishing sights of the northern lights should be on everyone`s bucket list with fascinating displays of vibrant colorful lights that can be seen from locations in North America. The Aurora Oval, where the lights are concentrated and circle the north magnetic pole is elusive and all depend on location. Alaska, Canada, and some North American states happen to be ideally positioned to see the spectacular show.

  • Skiing in Canada

    Canada offers some of the best skiing in the world! Home to some of the most famous ski resorts on the planet, including Banff, Whistler and Lake Louise, skiing in Canada is world-class. Whether you’re looking for heart-pumping adrenaline trails, cruising the bunny slopes, or you prefer the relaxation of cross-country skiing, there are endless ski mountains in Canada offering fantastic options.

Experiences and Adventures


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Cities in USA

  • New York City, NY  
  • Los Angeles, CA  
  • Miami, FL  
  • more cities

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