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The MidAtlantic States: Point of Interest Map
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The MidAtlantic States

The Mid-Atlantic is a large sub-region occupying the central area of the Eastern Seaboard. The states generally considered part of the mid-Atlantic include: Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and the Nation’s Capital, Washington DC. Geographically diverse, with seashores and mountains, and concentrated with culturally rich cities, the Mid-Atlantic is home to unique history and countless opportunities for fun and adventure.

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MidAtlantic States

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More to Explore

  • Fall Foliage in New England

    Traveling through New England in the fall offers visitors a dramatic scene of a kaleidoscope of colors in the famed fall foliage during the fantastic fall months. These spectacular explosions of colors can be seen through Maine and New Hampshire from late September and down in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island in late October.

  • Whale Watching in the Northeast

    Imagine being within feet of some of the most graceful, rare mammals in the world! Whale watching off the Northeast coast will allow you to experience sights you will never forget and learn all about these peaceful, endangered creatures. Meet the finback, humpback, and minke whales of the Atlantic Ocean, while also enjoying the charming New England coastal towns these excursions depart from.

  • Historic Towns of the Northeast

    If you love natural beauty, quaint towns and opportunities to spot whales and devour fresh seafood, then the northeast is for you. From idyllic mountain villages to stunning seaside retreats, there`s just something special about historic towns of the northeast.

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