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The artsy neighborhood of Bandra is a western suburb in the city of Mumbai, a rich location referred to as the `Queen of Suburbs`. Bandra is the newest commercial and financial district in the growing city of Mumbai. Home to the city`s elite offering colorful streets decorated with art, Mount Mary`s Basilica, popular restaurants, vibrant nightlife and shopping districts. Bandra is an effortlessly cool neighborhood filled with historic churches and buildings, Bandra Lake, Bandra Fort and the popular Bandra Bandstand promenade bursting with restaurants and outdoor activities.

Visit the Bandra Reclamation area, this modern happening area offers some of the best restaurants, bars, and pubs in the city where many events and live entertainment are held. Shop on Hill Road and Linking Road which are two of the most desired shopping districts in the entire city with hundreds of stores, roadside stalls and malls are located. Dine on Carter Road which is the city`s most popular food district bursting with restaurants, street food stalls and eateries serving Indian and International Cuisine.


The neighborhood of Colaba, the old British Quarter, sits on the southernmost tip of Mumbai. Colaba is the city`s tourist headquarters, a diverse and dynamic area offering many popular sights and attractions including the Gateway of India, the stunning Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, the Regal Theatre and the Royal Bombay Yacht Club. This waterfront area is home to many famous restaurants including Bademiya restaurant, Bagdadi restaurant and India`s most famous culinary destination, The Table.

Colaba, is a vibrant, colorful location that offers some authentic shopping experiences at fashionable boutiques, the Colaba Causeway Market and seaside shops located along the waterfront. In Colaba, there is an old English charm spread throughout the walkable compact streets where quaint cafes and colorful art galleries are found in colonial-era buildings. The seaside area of Back Bay in Colaba encompasses the famous Chowpatty Beach, the popular Koli Festival Nariyal Poornima is held on the beaches in Colaba. Iconic restaurants, bars, and cafes are found in Colaba including Cafe Mondegar and Leopold Cafe.


The area of Worli is situated in South Mumbai, originally a separate island in the city and one of the Seven Island of Bombay bounded by the Arabian Sea. The popular and scenic Worli Sea Face boasts the picturesque promenade and the iconic Bandra Worli Sea Link where the Rajiv Gandhi bridge stretches from Worli to Bandra with spectacular views of the iconic Mumbai skyline in the background. Worli offers views over the blue waters of the Arabian Sea offering high-end restaurants, plenty of shopping and a popular hangout for the locals in the evening time. The Worli Seafront is one of the best locations in the city to sit back and watch a beautiful sunset on the horizon.