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Santorini Island beaches are not only sites of an unrivaled beauty in Greece but have a mysterious, awe inspiring and curiously compelling beauty; bearing the signs of the ancient volcanic activity on the Island, Santorini Beaches are characterized by deep blue waters; white, red and black sand; vertical cliffs; red and black volcanic pebbles and spectacular rock formations. Their black, grey, white and red sand and pebbles contrast majestically with their crystal clear blue, green and azure waters.

Red Beach

The red beach is arguably one of the most famous and beautiful beaches of Santorini. It is located only some steps away from the ancient site of Akrotiri. Due to its small size, it can get pretty crowded and there are many days where most of the visitors choose not to make it all the way down to the beach and instead admire this unique landscape of red and black volcanic rocks from the headland. The access is relatively easy. You can leave your car at the parking space and can be all the way down in about two minutes. As you gradually get down to the beach you will be impressed by the different colorings of the cliffs. Many sun beds and umbrellas cover the dark sand and right on the seashore are some nice pebbles you can add to your collection. Snorkeling is highly recommended due to the interesting rocks. You can also access the beach by boat that departs from Akrotiri port.

Perissa Beach

Perissa is a beautiful beach located 9 miles southeast of Fira and extending for 4 miles on the southeastern side of Santorini. The beach features black sand, crystalline waters and various beach facilities. However, the enormous rock called Mesa Vouno that rises from the sea is the main attraction of the beach and the entire area. Visitors are left spellbound by the stunning view of the rock especially when it shines in the dark. The village offers a great variety of hotels, restaurants, taverns, cafes and bars. The area is extremely developed with modern amenities and quite inviting while retaining its strong traditional character. From Perissa, a small path crosses the mountain and leads to the ruins of Ancient Thera. The excursions can be made by foot or riding donkeys.

Kamari Beach

Kamari is a famous beach resort situated 6 miles southeast of Fira, the island`s capital. Quite similar to the landscape of Perissa, the beach is covered by black sand while on the left side of the beach is an enormous rock called Mesa Vouno that rises from the sea. The area is extremely attractive, especially at night when the rock shines in the dark. The beach of Kamari is fully organized offering a wide range of facilities like sun beds, umbrellas and various types of water sports. The traditional houses line the village of Kamari offering a beautiful view to the sea. Visitors can take a nice walk along the waterfront. Due to the modern amenities including hotels, restaurants, snacks, cafes, bars and night clubs the village becomes quite popular with tourists during the peak season. From Kamari, a road takes you up the mountain to Ancient Thira, and a caique can bring you to the wild isle of Anafi.

Agios Georgios Beach

One of the most famous black beaches of Santorini. It is located about 2 miles away from Perissa. Numerous facilities are available such as umbrellas and seats for rent. Visitors can choose among a variety of activities in the water or at the beach. A large number of restaurants and taverns are gathered along the waterfront, covering all tastes. The beach is a haven for water sport enthusiasts, offering them a wide range of water activities to choose from, including Jet- skiing, scuba-diving, windsurfing, paddle boats and banana boats.

Cape Columbo

The most isolated spot in Santorini, 6 miles from Fira. You can park on the headland in two different positions and make your way down through a narrow path. The impressive yet dramatic landscape will amaze you. The enormous red cliffs offer enough shade. Around the area is the most active crater of the island and the waters are really hot. Visitors should carry some water with them as there is no cantina or restaurant nearby.

Monolithos Beach

The beach of Monolithos is close to the beach of Kamari, in the area near the airport of Santorini. It is quite popular among the locals and especially families. It is long with black sand and shallow waters, well-organized with sun beds and umbrellas. This beach offers a pleasant atmosphere and is very child friendly. The area is surrounded by various hotels, restaurants and cafes. There is a football pitch, basketball court and a nice play area. There are also trees at the back of the beach for shade seekers.

Perivolos Beach

The picturesque beach of Perivolos is ideally located close to Perissa which is a mere 2 miles away. This beautiful beach lies on the southern end of the island. The beach offers sparkling azure blue waters and tranquil atmosphere. On the beachfront there are numerous taverns, pubs and restaurants serving fresh fish and local delicacies. In case you don`t have your own vehicle, there are local buses and taxis that will take you there. Those who like to walk can also choose the path that passes through the countryside. Perivolos is basically a continuation of the beach of Perissa and Agios Georgios. Perivolos is surely one of the most well- organized beaches of Santorini offering a plethora of exciting water sports facilities, like windsurfing, scuba diving and jet ski.

Vlychada Beach

The beach follows a smooth descent. You will notice as you approach two large chimneys. One is directly behind the beach and one nearby, but don`t worry as this factory is no longer in use and the brick structures are actually quite pleasant to look at. This beach is quite long covered with dark grey sand that one finds all over the island. There are a number of sun loungers here. It is worth having a look at the rock formations behind the beach which are quite interesting.

Vourvolos Beach

Vourvolos beach is located 4 miles from Fira, at the northeastern side of Santorini. This sandy beach is ideal for relaxation and water is almost turquoise blue. Vourvoulos beach is among the lesser known beaches and is totally isolated providing relaxation and privacy. You can also the visit the village of Karterados, a charming area with beautiful buildings. Unfortunately Vourvoulos beach is not well maintained and the beach is not cleaned regularly. The sea breeze here is very blustery which makes sun bathing at the beach a dangerous proposition. The waves are huge and it is always advisable to be at a safe distance from the shoreline. Vourvoulos beach is ideal for one who wants to spend quiet holidays.

White Beach

The cove right next to the Red beach, on the southern side of Santorini, is known as the White beach. It is very similar to the Red beach, with black pebbles on the shore, but the surrounding cliffs are white. This beach is accessible by boat or on foot from the Red beach. It is less popular than the neighboring cove and therefore more quiet. It doesn't have facilities, except for some umbrellas and sun beds along the coast, although the surrounding rocks provide some shade too.