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Archaeological Museum

Inside of an Renaissance palace and specially interesting for the old-iberian Lion of Nueva Cartella, the Roman Head of Drusus, the visigothic Treasure of Donjimeno and the Arabian Bronce-Stag of Medina Azahara.

The Museum of Arts

In the interior of the old Hospital de la Caridad de los Reyes Católicos, has an important collection of paintings and sculptures, of Zurbarán, Murillo, Goya, Sorolla and Mateo Inurria among others.

The Museum of Julio Romero de Torres

Dedicated to Córdoba`s most famous painter, whose faintly post-Impressionistic work seems to sum up a certain Romantic vision of life in southern Spain. In Pereza Andaluza (`Andalucian Laziness`), a woman is sitting in the shade, the courtyard beyond lit up with sunlight and bright green vegetation. She is leaning on her hand, half-asleep. The impression of deadening heat and lassitude is almost palpable.

The Palace of Viana

Has an extraordinary collection of furniture, tapestries, porcelains, ceramics and paintings and a cynegetic library of 7000 volumes. The building itself impresses with its 14 courtyards and beautiful gardens.